Metal Gear Solid 4 Trailer Analyzed

The PS3-exclusive title is slated for a simultaneous world release in early 2008.

The game looks absolutely incredible: Kojima's signature attention to detail and penchant for boundary-pushing software has carried over to the PS3, but Ars Technica thought some of the moments were especially interesting, and these are only just a few highlights that you may not have noticed:

1:00 - Even in a poor-quality FLV, MGS4 looks gorgeous. Check out Snake's hair.

1:20 - A peek at the new equipment system, which has grown more RPG-esque than previous titles in the series. In addition to using camo and general equipment, it appears that Snake will be able to equip specific items on specific parts of his body.

2:42 - The new reactive camo system is sick; Snake seamlessly becomes part of the wall.

3:39 - Snake is more mobile when prone now, as he can quickly roll left and right.

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Ares845417d ago

MGS4 has to be the most grapichally advanced game I've ever seen. I'm not I think that it could be in the same league with Crysis....or maybe just a little less. But for sure this game is the best looking console game ever created. I've seen some Xbox fanboys saying...."nothing special, looks like crap"....but I know that they are all just jelus. This is the best looking game I've ever seen!
It's a game that finaly "WOW"-ed me truly!
Can't wait to get me hands on it...just like every single other PS3 owner out ther. There is like 5million PS3's sold right?? I bet you that within 2 weeks there will be at least 4million copies of MGS4 sold! Just watch!

Says you5417d ago

And the XBox 360 and the XBox 360 got 82 exclusives but the PS3 has 106 exclusives and oh yeah this game looks exactly like the trailer that they showed at E3 in real time.

timmyp535417d ago

and @ Says You.. yea well Kojima neva showed something other that in-game cutscenes and gameplay.

xmod5417d ago

The trailer is amazing but that 'analysis' (given in the source article) is pretty weak.


its official

I HAVE GOT MGS4 fever !!

I won't be able to stop talking or thinking about this game
untill it drops

I can't wait to play it.

Kojima always has surprises in store for the gamer, and this one will be no different.

I like this game so much

EVERYONE in here has gotten a BUBBLE and an AGree from ME !!

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