In-Game XMB Overlay Coming In The Next Update Reports:
"It seems that Sony is always listening to us, and that their "we are listening to the consumers and we care for them" is a true sentence indeed, spoken by Ericl Lempel. Today, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. confirmed that an In-Game XMB Overlay is coming in the Next Major Update (you all know what I'm getting at). Yes everyone, you heard it at PSU first. In-Game XMB Overlay will be in the next update, but we don't know to what extent...

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SuperSaiyan44923d ago

Its something the Xbox 360 has always been able to do with Xbox Live but the good thing here is the more it becomes like Xbox Live the better so its easier to use and more friendly.

Also if PSN stays free and its like Live then Microsoft will have less ground to justify the yearly cost.

I personly dont have a problem with the yearly cost but who would say no to something for free?

If Sony continue to roll out these updates to further improve the PS3 I would be very interested to see after this major update what else they can do with the console to make it an even better games console and media system all in one.

DiLeCtioN4923d ago (Edited 4923d ago )

we would probably be getting iptv and rss channel after the update. the psp had rss and i dont know why the ps3 shouldnt..heck i downloaded dbz movies off google on my psp.

EDIT: @Kyur4ThePain i have that software but i havent used it before ill try today cheers bro.
oh also if you open windows media player(i use 11) right click on library and choose media sharing,share your should find the ps3(unknown device lol) and just click on trust device.

Here guys another good media software

Kyur4ThePain4923d ago (Edited 4923d ago )

If you're up to it, and have a PC connected to the same network as your PS3, download and install TVersity.
It includes rss feeds.

With the way I have things set up, I have access to all media (movies, music, photos) on all PCs / laptops / external drives connected to my home network.
I use a PC as a DVR for TV shows, and these are also all available to my PS3.
Even game trailers that I download using any of the machines at home are immediately available to the PS3.

Maddens Raiders4923d ago

Must be Bubbl3 time, no?

Anyway you get one from me (first), and =========>> back ON TOPIC:

These guys are good.

dantesparda4923d ago (Edited 4923d ago )

Wait a second, the 360 cant go into the "Dashboard" (which is the equvalent of the XMB) without existing out of the game. So i dont know what 360 fanboys are talking about. However, what the 360 does let you do from in-game is access the "Guide", where you can see your friendlists and see who's on, and what they are playing and it also lets you do a couple more things (like send messages to each other or set up a chat). PS3 just needs to accomplish at least a "Guide" like screen

Ah Sh!t! how the fvck did i go from one bubble to 5 bubbles!? i actually dont like having more bubbles and prefer to have just one. Cuz with just one, people cant take it away. However, with 5 bubbles, you feel like you have to watch what you say, if you want to keep your bubbles. But, oh well

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timmyp534923d ago

i use to have a mp4 rss channel on my psp

In-Game music and buddy list access should be in 2.00.. i think in-game music is only good for multiplayer though.. I really enjoy the original soundtracks of videogames... hopefully noone gets annoyed if they hear some anime music playing softly in the background in Resistance or Rainbow Six Vegas

SilvaSurfa4923d ago

Well I'll be blasting Linkin Park right back at you. : )

VaeVictus4923d ago

It will probably just be driver type games. GTA's, NFS, Motorstorm, etc.

WTF happened to my bubbles?

San anto4923d ago

hell yeah!! bubbles for u

PlayStation3604923d ago (Edited 4923d ago )

Tool for me bros :P

P.S. A sidenote: has anyone played Flow while listening to Pink Floyd? Ya'll gotta try it. :) That's some trippy stuff.

PS-Wii-604923d ago (Edited 4923d ago )

ima give you bubbles just for having that nick
(I'm assuming it's an obscure reference to Blood Omen)

also, the "evil laugh" he does in that game has to be some of the coolest sound bytes ever created

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MannyHarlem1414923d ago (Edited 4923d ago )

uhhh.. how come when we put wallpapers, or pics as backgrounds on the ps3, we lose the wave in the foreground.. even on the psp, when you use the custom background there is still that trademark XMB wave moving around in front of the picture.. i think thats minor but if you can keep it on the psp.. you might as well have the ps3 do it.. because quite frankly, i like the wave

maybe they just forget, but that'd be a pretty dumb thing to forget

PlayStation3604923d ago (Edited 4923d ago )

I like having that wave too. I mean, I know it's not that big of a deal. But I still would like for them to keep the wave.

Edit: I have a PSP, but I never changed my wallpaper. I was agreeing with MannyHarlem that if I did change my wallpaper on my PS3, I want my friggin' wave. :P

Marceles4923d ago

The PSP loses the wave in the background when it uses wallpapers too...

SmokeyMcBear4923d ago

do you even have a psp? Do you have custom firmware or something, cuz I got the latest sony firmware for the psp, and I have never had the wave in front of custom wallpapers, so please inform.

THE_JUDGE4923d ago

and I love that this will be coming next update. I love updates so that freaking sweet. I could have swore I could still see the XMB wave going when I put a background pic up. I have a question for anyone though. If I want to take the current pic off the background but not turn the theme setting off how can I do that? Any help would be great, PLUS WOULD SOMEBODY GIVE ME SOME FREAKING BUBBLES!!!!

PlayStation3604923d ago

I like helping out my fellow gaming brothers whenever I can. :)
As for your question. I don't think it's possible to take the pic off the background unless you turn the theme setting off.

SilvaSurfa4923d ago

I was thinking the same question.

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