Battlefield: Bad Company - Delayed to 08; Key features including support for 24 players online

In an official press release, EA has confirmed that Battlefield: Bad Company which was scheduled for 9/1/2007 release this year has been pushed back to somewhere next year.

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AznSniper5417d ago

It was going to happen.

Rooted_Dust5417d ago

When are we going to see 30vs30 games on consoles? PC games have been doing since Battlefied 2.

AznSniper5417d ago

We won't see it for a while. Consoles aren't on par with PCs yet.

Meus Renaissance5417d ago

It's up to the developers. It has nothing to do with the platforms whatsoever.

Tsalagi5417d ago (Edited 5417d ago )

but i think you can have 20vs20 matches in Resistance, or 40 person death matches. Thats pretty good for a console game.

Legionaire20055417d ago

because EA already announce that this game is coming out 2008. Why is this news? Why can't this game support 32 players or more? Black Hawk Down supported 50 players for crying out loud and it's on the original Xbox!!!! So far Perfect Dark Zero is the only Xbox 360 game with 32 players, and Resistance: Fall of Man is the only PS3 game with 40 players.

Sangheili855417d ago

Read about the game.. Its going to be fully destructible, Every single building, wall, door, everything. They said its hard to support alot of people when the levels require so much. and ummm perfect dark and blackhawk down looked like crap. Now resistance looked good but i still think considering what i've seen of Bad Company it looks amazing.

ryanjtravis5417d ago

What is the big deal, devs? Lets get real - PDZ? Come on, you guys can come up with a way to to it if PDZ could!

sovietsoldier5417d ago

now call of duty 4 is going to clean up this year in the fps department!