ScrewAttack: Top Ten Mario Games

Video of ScrewAttack's top ten Mario games.

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MK_Red5112d ago

As always, great video but terrible choices. I mean Super Mario Bros 3 better than original and Mario 64? No Paper mario (new & old).
The ScrewAttack guys are great people and make great videos but they surly have a bad taste. (Long live the Nerd)

MyNutsYourChin5112d ago (Edited 5112d ago )

I agree. I thought Super Mario World and Super Mario 64 were much better than Super Mario Bros. 3.

ChickeyCantor5112d ago (Edited 5112d ago )

dunno its something personal i guess because i think SMB.3 was the best of them all.


Phantom_Lee5112d ago

My personal favorite is the one on GameBoy, the black and white one....for some reason, I had alot fun with that

MyNutsYourChin5112d ago

Wow! Seriously? That's cool, I just can't imagine that. I guess it has a lot to do with a person's current state of mind and environment. If I was playing Super Mario World in a time where I was depressed and the game didn't alleviate any of my feelings then I probably wouldn't find it that fun...

Phantom_Lee5112d ago

I think it had something to do my age back then, since I was younger, easier to impress...and I guess Im just happier back then so I guess the mood point you made is a good one

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ocra5112d ago

WTF!? ScrewAttack are a bunch o morons...

tinytwat5112d ago

why the heck is SMB 3 at number 1?

johnnywit5112d ago

Super Mario 3 has always been the greatest. All of my friends have said it and I agree. I remember being 12 or 13 when this game came out. I didn't eat lunch at school for a month so I could go and buy it. Yes mario 64 is awesome and so is super mario world but I would have to go with mario 3 any day.

okcomputer5112d ago

Yea I agree totally. Mario 3 was the best by far. Super mario world and mario 64 are both great games, but mario 3 easily beats them both.