Seattle fans can take DS out to the ballgame

Would you pay $7.50 for a bottle of Miller Lite? How about if you could order it from your Nintendo DS, at a baseball game?

That's just what msnbc game's editor, Kristan Kalning's husband, Steve, did at a recent Seattle Mariners game. Using his Nintendo DS Lite handheld game system, he ordered up two bottles and had them hand-delivered right to their upper-deck seats.

For the privilege, they paid $5 to download and use the new Nintendo Fan Network software, which made its debut this season at Seattle's Safeco Field. The interactive system, being tested this year exclusively at Safeco, adds a bit of video game flash to America's pastime. on to see how nintendo is stretching the definition of its hand held gaming device...

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MyNutsYourChin5417d ago

I'll have to bring mine to the game next time.

PS360WII5417d ago

dang that's pretty slick. Why not eh they are using the DS in museums and for countless other things in Japan glad they are starting to use them more in the US as well now

firstworldman5417d ago

This concept is so cool. I'm really looking forward to more things like this.
Maybe Wii Ware will be capable of doing DS Download and Play? Effin' Sweet.