Nintendo raises profit projections as first-quarter sales surge

Nintendo has increased shipment forecasts for Nintendo Wii and DS by millions of units each after its consolidated first-quarter results saw massive growth in sales.

Net income rose to 80.3 billion yen (GBP 325 million) from 15.5 billion yen in the comparable period last year.

The company raised its full-year net income projection to 245 billion yen (GBP 993 million) - a leap of 40 percent.

Nintendo now expects to ship 16.5 million Wii consoles (up from 14 million) for the fiscal year ending March 31st, 2008, while DS supply is being increased to 26 million from 22 million.

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PS360WII5412d ago

Worldwide Wii sales have reached 9.27 million units as of the end of June 2007, the company said, while DS sales (including DS Lite) are at 47.27 million.

Is that right? Wii at 9.27 million? I belive the 47 million DS's but dang that figure was from Nintendo themselves...

MyNutsYourChin5412d ago

Maybe they're including eBay sales as well. I'm kidding of course. But I agree, that's incredible.

I hope they show some love back to the consumer with their next console, more powerful in all ways and yet cheaper since they've been baking in the dough.

scarlett_rg5412d ago

Wow. That's good for Nintendo.

In other news... the pic attached to this N4G article is hilarious on so many levels! =D

djt235412d ago

lolol i like the picture