Hands-on: NBA Live 08 for Wii

Wii owners begging for a basketball games finally receive their wish when EA sports releases NBA Live 08 for the Wii this October. The first baller to come to the Wii, NBA Live 08 brings EA's new, signature family play, which allows casual gamers to have basic control of the gameplay while using only the Wii remote. This Wii-specific feature, also available on Madden NFL 08 and FIFA 08, will allow people such as fathers, mothers, little sisters, brothers, and even senior citizens to get a dose of the basketball fun...

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eclipsegryph4129d ago

What's the joke, might I ask? And if there is one, what is the punchline?

DiLeCtioN4129d ago

hey how do we dunk? lol

Razzy4129d ago

From the article:

"EA certainly had a lot of time to work on this game, and it shows with their new Wii-remote aesthetic. Also, the game’s visuals still aren’t up to par for what they should be. The models use more textures, but they’re still blurry and very pixelated. From what EA representatives told us, these things are still not yet final, so hopefully we’re in for some solid efforts given the 480p and wide-screen capabilities of the game."

Well, they've got 3 months to make it look as good as the PSP version. LOL

PS360WII4129d ago

ah silly me. Here I thought I was about to read some well thought out comments about how cool it is that Wii will finally get a b-ball game. Instead I get to read up on comments from people who could care less about any game on the Wii for that matter. ^^ Awesome good time.

Side note the link is not working for me :( but glad the Wii is getting a basketball game about time

M_Prime4128d ago

4 vs 4 2 console.. i'm gonna assume WIFI not lan.. cause if its 2 consoles lan then it will be LAME..