First Screens of Donkey Kong Country Returns from Nintendo's E3

GFB: "Donkey Kong Country is probably one of the most remembered titles from the Super Nintendo system and later on the Nintendo 64 (requiring the RAM cart, remember those?). Thanks to the same team that revived the Metroid franchise on the Gamecube, we now have Donkey Kong Country back. Check out the first screens of Retro Studios' Donkey Kong Country Returns."

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vgn245142d ago

It looks just like the original SNES version.... which is a good thing

blizzard_cool5142d ago

me when announced:

smash-brother-105142d ago

yeah, I wasnt believing the rumours before hand, but I was seriously shocked when I heard the music, looks amazing, and this year too!!

Reibooi5142d ago

They did exactly what they should have with it and that is bring it back to it's roots. The game looked incredible and it's still the same old Donkey Kong Country we love. I can't wait to play it.

m235142d ago

Oh my god, this brings back memories. Nintendo just had an amazing showing, I can't believe it. Game after game, after game. This conference was just pure greatness.

oldjadedgamer5142d ago

Really smart move to keep the gameplay mostly the same as the originals. All of the nintendo fans of the 90s are coming out of the shadows right now.

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Nintendo's Official Magazine For Summer 2024 Gets English Digital Release

Summer is finally here and Nintendo is seeing it in with a brand new online seasonal magazine.

The full 84-page magazine was shared today by Nintendo Japan and is, naturally, in Japanese. However, the Big N also shared a slightly abridged 54-page version in English so you can read up on all the Nintendo gossip for the summer.

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OtterX1d 8h ago

I wish they would have resurrected and used the Nintendo Power name. I had almost every issue starting from around Mario 3 forward, and at one time had Nintendo Power foldout posters as an upper border on the wall, circling my entire room.

PRIMORDUS20h ago(Edited 20h ago)

I also have well, every issue of Nintendo Power and also some Fun Club Issues before it transformed into Nintendo Power. They are all stacked in a plastic tote lol. Most have probably turned yellow by now. If you would like the whole collection as a torrent there is one here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Da... Torrent magnet link.

XiNatsuDragnel1d ago

Nintendo power name instead would've been cool


Soapbox: How Does Your Personality Affect Your Gaming?

Personality, passion, profession, play.

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mandf5d ago

Stoned and happy go hand in hand with video games


Nintendo Runs Out Of Replacement Parts For Wii U, Ends Repair Service In Japan

"We will no longer be accepting repairs for Wii U"

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Vits9d ago

Between the low sales, the shit in the memory that simply dies and the regional crash on the Gamepad. This is a console that will become stupidly rare in a few years.

IRetrouk8d ago

Still got my black one fully working, I should maybe box that bad boy up lol

DarXyde8d ago

It's really funny to think about people harvesting Wii U parts like some organ trafficker and selling them on the dark web.

But sure enough, Nintendo Will probably try to find a way to put a legal bullet in the base of that person's skull.

Chocoburger7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Actually its the opposite, boxing it up is what will kill the machine. You want it plugged in, and you want to power it on frequently, that's how you'll extend the life of the memory chips. This brief video explains it.


IRetrouk7d ago

Appreciate the tip chocoburger

badz1498d ago

nah...just their way of saying, just buy the Switch already, you pleb!