PS3 problems hit Tomb Raider publisher SCi

SCi Entertainment shares plunged 23pc after the publisher of the Lara Croft Tomb Raider computer games revealed it would take a £14m hit as sales suffered from the troubled launch of the Sony PlayStation 3.

Lara Croft: PS3 problems hit Tomb Raider publisher SCi
Tomb Raider publisher SCi's shares have fallen 23pc

Technical problems forced Sony to delay the global launch of the PS3 by six months, which it then sold at an initial loss to stimulate sales. This caused sales of its predecessor, the PS2, to "fall steeply".

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PS360WII5421d ago

Yes it's the PS3's fault that our game didn't sell as well as it should of seeing that it's found on many other systems... oh wait crap..

hazeblaze5421d ago

Is this a joke? Are they actually blaming their bad sales of a PS2 game on the launch of the PS3?!!!

nix5421d ago one at SCi was fired. q:

BlackTigea5421d ago

Now that must have put a hole in they're pockets no doubts, But to go has far to blame the PS2 for their miserable sale is little bit to far don't you guys think. Anyways it won't help to blame on ps2. Better get working guys to get back those losses

tonsoffun5421d ago

What a load of p!sh.

Has it ever occured to them that it sold poorly because it was sh!te?

Lets all hold up the release of a next gen system, just because they have another game with the big breasted bint in it.

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The story is too old to be commented.