G25 Gets Shift Lights

While the Logitech G25 is a beautiful and impressive wheel, it's lacking a bit of … flare. Enter CXC Simulations and their new shift light system for the wheel. It's basically a small slab of carbon that sits between the wheel and the hub and connects to your PC via USB cable. The lights, combined with drivers, enable a light-up tachometer to display and gear indicator similar to what you might see on a modern F1 car. The device is said to be "compatible with most of the top computer racing games," but a full list isn't yet available, so no telling just which ones are supported.

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D_U_I5417d ago

You cant go wrong, perfect with gran turismo :)

hongthay5417d ago

that little shift light thing works with the GT series on the PS3? I know the wheel works, but that little light. If so, that sounds sweet. would be a nice addition.