Two Worlds Tuesday: Secret areas

If you've been enjoying the weekly Two Worlds updates sent over to IGN by the Two Worlds team, they have good news and bad news. The bad news is that this is the last feature the team is sending over before the game releases. The good news is that this is the coolest feature. Along with a great map, IGN have also been given a short list of a few secret areas in the game to get explorers started. Enjoy.

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Rowland5421d ago

judging by low responses to previous posts, is no one interested in Two Worlds ?

this looks like it's going to be brilliant !


I agree with you my friend. I hope it pans out - I, for one, cannot wait to ride my Skeleton Steed !

Rowland5420d ago

I've posted this question on the forum - it'll be interesting to see the comments - if any !


For posting this article. Keep 'em comin'

ElementX5420d ago

It was released in Germany on PC and there were problems. Hopefully they've been worked out.

Evoluti0n5420d ago

it's been delayed so much, it was originally supposed to come out around the same time as The Darkness. This game will probably average a 7.5 on most sites when all is said and done. Still getting it though, 8 player online, I'm there.

SuperSaiyan45420d ago

Release date was saying 20th July and BAM 1-2 weeks before the apparent release date it gets pushed back until 31st August according to online release dates.

Why are all the top games coming out on the 360 in the same week in August?? Oh come on please! Its not fair!

Rowland5420d ago

yeah, frustrating to have to wait but this happens with all the top games !

Sphinx5420d ago

but I have this feeling in my gut, this dread of spending $60 for something that won't be fun. If it is half as good as Oblivion it should be great, right?

Rowland5420d ago

most of the reviews/build up are very positive so no reason to expect a let down.
The PC version has had problems but the developers have used it like a beta to fix the few problems.

Sphinx5420d ago

about the online co-op/MMO aspect of it. The thing that sucked about Oblivion was the fact that I couldn't play it with friends or family.

Killer B5420d ago

I've been watching and waiting for this game to come out for a while notw. I was pretty excited when I read one of the earlier release dates of July 14 (or so). I figured, great no games are grabbing my attention for June/July, pick this one up and fill the gap till Aug/Sep. Now that it's pushed back to mid Aug (or so), it has to compete with other games (Bioshock) for my $60. I would think that a smarter move would have been to get it out before some of the big guns arrived. This game looks great, but like others have said, not getting a lot of attention or hype. will probably lose out due to $$ going to other titles...

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The story is too old to be commented.