Feature: VG Chartz vs. NPD

June NPD numbers came in, so in continuing the series took a look at the VGChartz hardware data in comparison to the data from the professionals. For reference, here are the comparisons done for March, April, and May NPD data.

In summary, May saw a setback as VGChartz was caught unawares by changing sales trends, overstating Xbox 360 and Nintendo DS sales by 40% and 20% and understating Playstation Portable sales by 30%. This month shows a lot of improvement, though the accuracy is still far from perfect and VGChartz must prove its ability to maintain this accuracy over time. See the comparison table below, which lists hardware sales figures for each platform for NPD's US numbers, Canada numbers, the total, and then the VGChartz NA numbers and the % difference between the NPD total and VGChartz.

NPD June covers sales from June 3rd through July 7th, 2007 -- a 5-week month. So if you're comparing to last month's figures, remember to add 25% to last month's data (or subtract 20% from this month's data) for a valid comparison.

Platform --- % Diff
DS---------- -15%
Wii--------- 9%
PSP--------- 8%
PS2--------- -16%
X360-------- 7%
PS3--------- -14%
GBA--------- -22% also took a look at how a pair of industry analysts, Michael Pachter of Wedbush Morgan Securities and Evan Wilson of Pacific Crest Securities, fared in their predictions of NPD numbers.

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Crazyglues5421d ago

It always makes me laugh when I see a website quote VGcharts data on their sites, because if there is two words that can best describe the sales data on that site it would be - NOT ACCURATE!

Sony in their financial records came out saying they sold 5 million PS3's - VGcharts is not even close to that number.

Now the NPD numbers have always been the real records. So I would say if your going to use VGcharts then you might as well just make up the numbers up, because it would pretty much be the same thing VGcharts is doing.

Bathyj5421d ago

VGCharts gave Xbox too many sales and PS3 not enough compared to NPD.

Xbox fanatics are always screaming that VG aren't accurate, and wow, they're right. Just no in the way they thought.

Its all just a guestimation anyway, not worth getting upset over.

DJ5421d ago

It's always "Shut up -insert name-! VGChartz is run by Sony fanboys that lie about how well the 360 is doing!! -insert rage-" =P

original seed5421d ago

is to see them give 360 more and PS3 less? bunch of fanboys if i ever seen any.

So i guess now we can agree that VGcharts is crap.

lVlemphizStylez5421d ago

i love how gamers have turned into so much more nowadays...Part gamer...Part market analyst..Part PR Specialist...Part hardware tech/developer...They think they are so much while most not having passed the age of's too funny. What happened to just being a well..uh play games...

Bathyj5421d ago

Play games ! Whose got time to play games? ;)

Crazyglues5421d ago (Edited 5421d ago )

Who really has time to play games...(seriously, who?) ..LoL

r10005421d ago

WELL SAID # 3.....

Couldn't have put it better myself....

Now give me a bubble please....

tplarkin75421d ago

The only reason VG Chartz exists is the current console war. Things will settle down between the console makers and nobody will care about sales numbers anymore.

Daewoodrow5421d ago

By that time there will be another console war though.

tplarkin75421d ago

The console war will settle as early as this holiday. If the 360 builds enough momentum this holiday, people will embrace the fact that the 360 is here to stay. The obsession over weekly sales numbers will decline.

Daewoodrow5421d ago

This holiday? That's just wishful thinking. Both the Ps3 and 360 are predicted to increase in sales till christmas. It's highly unlikely that either one would significantly decline in under 5 months. It will probably take another year or so to see which one becomes the top seller.

solidt125421d ago (Edited 5421d ago )

American Chart for Week Ending 21st July 2007
Console Weekly Total
PS2 60,938 (+8%) 44,470,146
PS3 45,101 (-13%) 1,692,699
360 32,345 (-5%) 6,567,179

The PS3 outsold the 360 again and by even a larger number this week. the sells of the 360 went down even more this week even though they sold more copies of NCAA 08. I think we will continue to see the PS3 sells rise and the 360 sells fall and eventually software sells will be about even by Christmas.

Daewoodrow5421d ago (Edited 5421d ago )

You think PS3 sales will continue to rise and 360 sales will continue to fall?

Your prediction is short sighted at best.

PS3 sales are being boosted by the price drop. The sales increase will eventually run out when the new price loses its novelty. I can't say when that will be, but i'd say it will stabilise around september. A single price drop wont cause an indefinite increase.

And september will have the Halo 3 launch as well as the release of the Halo console. Halo 3, like Halo 2, is likely to be a system seller (halo 2 caused a considerable profitable month of original xbox sales) and despite it being a poor promotional item, the halo 3 console like all novelty consoles before it will also contribute to a 360 sales increase.

ash_divine5421d ago

the funny thing id people have been saying that for a while now. "Ps3 is being boosted by price drop, it'll come down, I'll give it a week." yeah well it's been like 3 or 4 weeks and it still ain't down yet. what do you guys say to that?

Daewoodrow5421d ago

read the rest of the sentence ash, I already answered that.

Sangheili855421d ago

solidt12 this article just pointed out how wrong Vchartz is and you go and compare the weekly sales again? I'll wait till the July NPD Numbers come out then we can see how well the price drop helped Sony.

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