GT5: New Screenshots

Take a peek at these new screenshots, including cockpit view.

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LSDARBY5421d ago

Not very good shots tbh. Frp, what you can tell it looks good though

closedxxx5421d ago

Right up there with PGR4 for graphics

Crazyglues5421d ago

I would have to say you have never played GT-HD.

Now don't get me wrong PGR3 was amazing and PGR4 is looking really sweet. But GT5 is really on a whole new level of gaming. For one they have stepped up the graphics too such an amazing level that we compare Real life shots to the graphic copies and have a hard time telling which is which. How crazy is that.

It's just really scary that they are able to take the games graphics to that level. (Trust me they had to put some serious work into the game to pull that off.) PGR4 is not at the same graphics level, it comes really close but look at the buildings in GT5 then look at PGR4's. Then you can see that GT5 is like just the next level after PGR4 more like PGR5 (In my opinion anyway, I in no way work for either company and have nothing to gain from saying comments about either one).

I can't wait for both games... I loved PGR3 and PGR4 is going to be sweet... and GT5 will put the icing on my Racing games cake. (One thing PGR4 has over GT5 is the garage, always loved that in PGR3, makes you feel like some rich executive with money to burn with all those expensive cars you can put in your driveway.. LoL) It's just going to be a good time to be a racing game fan. Plenty to choose from.

Gamer135421d ago

I really enjoy play GT3 and 4.

Can,t wait to play GT5 i mean the full version.

IM OUT...///"""

VirusE5421d ago

It looks sweet but i hope it plays better than 4 and the gthd demo.

D_U_I5421d ago

OK. i guess you played Gran turismo 4 and HD with a controller hehehe, buy a driving force pro or G25... the whole game changes. You can not play GT with a controller. The game becomes so damn realistic with a wheel, oversteer and understeer can be well controlled and you can maintain long and sexy drift's lol Buy a wheel and feel the difference.

Blankman5421d ago

i completely agree. Cars feel very very lame with the controller. i still got my old GT4 wheel but if logitech releases a new wheel for GT5:). then i can race my buddies 2 wheel style. I honestly do hope GT5 improves in a lot more areas than graphics though. Am a gameplay guy and i want it as real as possible

hongthay5421d ago

the GT series definitely requires a wheel for GT4 and GT HD to get the true experience. I am hoping to get my hands on a Logitech G25 in time for GT5 prologue.

D_U_I5421d ago


risk5421d ago

7/16 , 15 AI cars confirmed ;o

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The story is too old to be commented.