Microsoft, EA sign sports game ad deal

Microsoft Corp. said on Wednesday it will pipe advertisements into a slate of popular sports video games from Electronic Arts Inc. including its best-selling "Madden" football franchise.

The deal, which also covers EA's "NASCAR," "Tiger Woods" golf, "NHL" hockey and upcoming "Skate" skateboarding games, is a significant win for Microsoft as it tries to build an early lead over rivals such as Google Inc. in putting ads into video games.

The deal is also the latest indication of increasingly cozy ties between Microsoft, the world's biggest software company and EA, the No. 1 independent video game publisher.

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Andronix5421d ago

What will be interesting is whether Microsoft can advertise their own products in EA Sports games for Nintendo and Sony consoles.

Also, a deal between Microsoft and EA Sports, does Peter Moore have any role in this...

ben hates you5420d ago

technically they have been doing adds in sony hardware for a long time, sony makes PCs what operating system do you think it uses, Windows of course

but on another note some of super super sony fans who love everything sony should love windows, because they're favorite thing in the wrold uses it

SuperSaiyan45421d ago

I have the same feeling...Its a conspiracy I know it!

Microsoft ads in PS3 and Wii games? Oh dear...But I doubt it although I am sure there was a PS3 add in a 360 game I was playing once a sports game, could have been Fifa not sure...

Kelvis5420d ago

@SuperSaiyan4, you're right - there are in-game billboards advertising the Playstation 3 in the FIFA Champions League edition for 360.

TnS5420d ago

See the second page. :)
"The arrangement only covers versions of those games for personal computers and Microsoft's Xbox 360, two platforms that have a high proportion of users connected to the Internet."

vaughner815420d ago

Great... as if I don't have to deal with enough commercials and ads as it is! :(

God of Gaming5420d ago

Hummm Peter Moore already working hard :)

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The story is too old to be commented.