Wing Commander Arena and Super Contra Available Now on Xbox LIVE Arcade

Both Wing Commander Arena and Super Contra are available for download on Xbox LIVE Arcade.

Wing Commander Arena (800 points) boasts 16 player multiplayer over Xbox LIVE (a first). Super Contra follows up the release of Contra... Get your up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, and start code ready!

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SuperSaiyan45417d ago

They dont with Sonic 1 thats for sure, if you notice with the arcade games they dont start like the classics actually do they are different.

However if you can use the cheat codes in this game then interesting.

razer5417d ago

I will pick it up.. Contra not so much since I'm tired of the retro stuff. One Contra is enough for me and Konami can keep their junk titles they keep putting on the 360 while their quality stuff goes to the competitors.

Rhezin5417d ago

seriously konami is f!cking the 360 over on everything, except silent hill 5 which is multiplatform.