Capcom's New 2D Fighter Revealed - First Images

Capcom has just put an end to the suspense that was brought forth by Famitsu when it announced that Capcom corp. was working on a new 2D fighting game. Sengoku Basara X is the title of the new game and it has been announced for the arcade as of now.

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SuperSaiyan45417d ago

Arcade only? We could do with some nice new 2D fighting games on the consoles as well - need some more Street fighter games like Capcom vs SNK!

TriggerHappy5417d ago

Am sure this will come to consoles sometime later on as usual.

Keyser5417d ago

Not feeling the screenshots. I like the idea and like the direction they're going. Just because we're in the "next" gen doesn't mean we lost our affinity for 2D fighters. I hope that they maintain the 2D push.

Reason I'm not feelin the screenshots: I just think they should look cleaner. It looks jaggie which I wouldn't expect this deep in the "next" gen. It's a personal opinion.

I have liked the models for the Street Fighter 2 HD and hope that it hits the consoles ASAP.

VirusE5417d ago

Keyser i am kinda feeling the same way you are. I was expecting more i guess. SF hd looks better than this.

MK_Red5417d ago

This is indeed the end of days. The classic fighter Soul Calibur becomes a Dynasty Warriors type fighter in SC Legends and a true Dynasty Warriorish Devil Kings becomes a 2D fighter!?

But nice pics. And its good to see a new 2D fighter from Capcom. (Still waiting for Marvel Vs Capcom 3)

TriggerHappy5417d ago

Yeah same thing i was thinking. This game is from the same creators so it very similar

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