HookedGamers review: Green Day: Rock Band

HookedGamers writes: "When Harmonix announced that Green Day would be the recipient of their second stand-alone band-centric game I certainly scratched my head in confusion. Following up a band-centric title that featured the Beatles would certainly be a tough act but following them up with Green Day was something many gamers certainly did not see coming. Green Day certainly has had a lengthy and fairly noteworthy career filled with multi-platinum albums and number one hits but when compared to other bands that have received the full band game treatment (Aerosmith, Metallica, The Beatles, and Van Halen) they are arguably not in the same league (indeed, the editor here is scratching his head, wondering who these Green Day guys are). Regardless of opinionated debates on the validity of choosing Green Day to receive the full band treatment there is no arguing the fact that they do in fact have their own game chronicling their career."

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dork07833048d ago

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Green day sucks.