Hot Shots Golf 5 intro video

Gamersyde managed to find Hot Shots Golf 5 (Minna no Golf 5) a few days before the official release date in Japan, and got their capture hardware at work immediatly. Here is the quite nice and different intro video of the game.

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timmyp534927d ago

looks more fun that TW: PGA

Marceles4927d ago

With the 36/40 review from Famitsu and the popularity of the game already, I wonder how many PS3s are going to sell in Japan starting tomorrow...

Antan4927d ago

Woohoo, i love this series!!

crck4927d ago

They should use it for their commercials instead of that stupid one with dudes bathing in a sea of golfballs and a giant ps3.

icdedppl4927d ago

can't wait for this game! only 2 months left to wait =(

PS360WII4927d ago

Yes ^^ I do enjoy this franchise and would take this golf game over Tiger Woods any day. I wonder if they'll put in some of the stuff from the PSP where you get different wigs and outfits and items for your characters. It was fun making your dude a pirate or a mummy among other things. Well one can only hope eh?

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