Eleventh Reason Why MGS4 Is PS3 Only

Sony's Peter Dille has now been so kind as to provide us with an eleventh. Speaking with Gamasutra, Dille was asked what the deal was with Konami casting some doubt on the title's exclusivity just before E3.

"There was something that came out prior to (the Sony E3 keynote) announcement. Our folks have talked to the Konami folks, and until the announcement was out from our side, I think they were being a little bit cagey. But the agreement calls for exclusivity, the announcement's been made, and now people know the real story"

the_round_peg5903d ago (Edited 5903d ago )

But hey, maybe Jack Tretton was left out of the loop about the MGS4 deal. ;)

P.S. Hopefully this will put an end to all the "MGS4 is coming to Xbox 360" rumors, because it's NOT coming to 360 when Sony has an exclusivity contract - PERIOD.

More P.S. And please remember how the Official Xbox Magazine kept telling people that they have "sources" that told them MGS4 would come to 360 a few months after PS3. So. Hopefully OXM will lose ALL its credibility because now that Sony has let us know about the exclusivity agreement, we all know that OXM obiviously LIED.

ShiftyLookingCow5903d ago

I think we need a new release of "Executive Gone Wild" including bonus "European Nuts" edition

23478ueyur_9382235903d ago

I agree kt, just going to point out that you said MGS5 rather than MGS4.

mighty_douche5903d ago

i dont care if they did buy the rights to it, its EXCLUSIVE baby!! that means more ps3 being sold which can never be a bad thing!!

anyway whats wrong with buying exclusives? thats how the movie industry has operated for years and no one cares about this, theres to much loyalty in the console world, its all business!

Razzy5903d ago

They should've locked this title up long ago.

Also, they really need to slap themselves for not keeping GTA4 exclusive, at least a timed exclusive. I read a while ago that Rockstar tried to set up a meeting with "Crazy Ken" Kutaragi regarding exclusivity but there was no response from Kenny. DOH!!

JsonHenry5903d ago

Lol, I promise you this - within a year it will be announced as coming for the 360. (with extra game content as well)

D_U_I5903d ago

Keep dreaming... what a stupid comment.

Go to hell


PS-Wii-605903d ago

LOL, extra (as in MORE?) content
if so, there'll be so many discs, they're gonna hafta ship it in a fkn suitcase!

Lord Anubis5903d ago

I'm not sure why people think is all about money, the agreement deals with the movie. Phone, MGS4, MGO,MGMobile.

cityofgod5903d ago

keep dreamin man, you guys want this bad eh? start saving those pennies

razer5903d ago

in their RUMOR mole section so I don't think they said anything beyond that it's just a rumor. EGM did the same thing.

PS-Wii-605903d ago (Edited 5903d ago )

Seeing IS believing!
DOH >_<

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Daz5903d ago

Its on ps3 only because he loves touching men parts lol j/k
I like the mag in the gameplay trailer :)

Rythrine5903d ago

I had this story for an hour and you beat me to it. Its ok, no hard feelings here Phantom.

Back to topic. This statement says it all "The agreement calls for exclusivity". I guess Konami made up their minds too, not only Kojima. They should add a 12th reason where Peter Moore said it himself when Kotaku interviewed him. When that happens, I'll make sure I'll beat you to it, Phantom lolz. Just kidding, man. Good post.

Rythrine5903d ago

Don't worry about. We're cool. Is that a Deadpool avatar? Damn, if I can only give you two +reps. One for being cool and the other for your avatar. Big Deadpool fan here.

SofaKingReetodded5903d ago

the 3FIXME as a karate student getting one good shot in on a karate master before he opens up on the student in a disturbing display of skill and brutality.

Keyser5903d ago

Bubbles for cracking me up!! LOL!!!

Not about the 3FIXME part (I own one that has never broke) but everything thereafter.

Torch5903d ago

Your wits for giving me my Chuckle of the Day earns you my bubble's worth ;)

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THC CELL5903d ago

they did not buy it.

if that was the case ps3 would not of lost GTA and ass creed

the_round_peg5903d ago (Edited 5903d ago )

So you believe two corporations would get together and sign a contract (i.e., exclusivity agreement) because there's no money exchanging hands or some financial interest involved?

PS3 lost GTA4 and Assassin Creed exclusivity *exactly because* Sony did not buy the exclusivity. Those are two huge missteps on Sony's part, let me assure you.

ShiftyLookingCow5903d ago (Edited 5903d ago )

ass creed? LMAO

SofaKingReetodded5903d ago (Edited 5903d ago )

they told take two to take Microdumb's money after Sony saw how much financial trouble take-two is in. Judging from the number of people going to jail for playing fuzzy math with their accounting, I hit the nail on the head when I first speculated this months ago.


what I have is speculation proven true by factual events while you have a whole heap of speculation supported by wishful thinking.

the_round_peg5903d ago (Edited 5903d ago )

We all know that Microsoft paid $50 mil to Take Two. However, I personally do not think the $50 mil are *just* for two GTA4 exclusive contents on 360. I think the $50 mil also covers Bioshock (a Microsoft exclusive,) and a most likely a couple exclusives that are yet to be announced.

I got that feeling when I read that Irrational Games was working with Microsoft to "localize" Bioshock for Japan. The only other developers that would go that far to help out Microsoft in Japan are 1st-party developers and Bioware (which is also working on localizing Mass Effect for Japan, paid for by Microsoft.)

If Microsoft spent money to finance Irrational Games to localize Bioshock for Japan, then Microsoft would have some sort of signed agreement to make sure that Sony and PS3 would never get to benefit from Microsoft's investment into the localization effort. That means Microsoft must have paid for Bioshock exclusivity as well, and most likely it's included in the $50 mil lump sum made to 2k, which you all think only pay for extra GTA4 contents.

It's really common sense and simple deduction.