E3 2010 Preview: Sony

After watching Microsoft's E3 press conference held earlier today, all eyes are on Sony's event tomorrow. Microsoft generally underwhelmed with their offering, which has given Sony a massive opportunity to steal the show.

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Coramoor_4024d ago

oh i agree completely microsoft was so underwhelming that as long as sony sticks to their gaming guns and doesnt spend too much time trying to sell move and 3d, they should walk away with the hardcore gamer vote

LordMarius4024d ago

The Last Guardian

That is all

SOAD4024d ago

droid smash go back to your cave.

Boody-Bandit4024d ago

don't you mean under his bridge?

On topic:
IMO MS did so bad today I would be more than shocked if Sony didn't do better. For the hope of the gaming industry I would think they would have too. I still can't believe what I witnessed yesterday, forgot how late it was, from MS. Oh well off to hit the rack so I can see how day 2 unfolds.

Dragun6194024d ago

Sony just needs to show off some gameplay trailers for Agent, The Last Guardian, and Final Fantasy XIII Versus. The rest of the show they can either show off Move's line up or more games specifically Ape Escape PS3.

maddhatter6174024d ago

i guess you still haven't recovered from the sting of MS' failed presentation. sony has showed more in the weeks leading up to E3 then any company has shown so far in E3. ps3 owners have nohing to worry about we know we got AAA games coming you don't.

RedDevils4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

I thought he live under his parents basement? :P

Rainstorm814024d ago

Because MGS:R, Gears 3, Halo 3, & Fable 3 werent ever shown before today.

You fail so hard its sad.....YOu just described MS presser just with out 3d or charts and graphs lls.

bunfighterii4023d ago

We know about Last Guardian already.

How about a big reveal of something we DON'T know about? A huge AAA title...

On something that's rumoured, I'd like to see a PSP2 announced. I'm really getting back into the PSP scene after a long hiatus...

TotalPS3Fanboy4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

And tomorrow, Sony's going to attack the weak spot for massive damage!


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duplissi4024d ago

i dont know about you, but ive had the chance to try out the 3d demos on the ps store... and well its fucking awesome... way better than a 3d movie.

if you have the money 3d is far from a gimmick when it comes to games... its just that magic ingredient. 3d games will have the ability to suck you in like never before.

stb4024d ago

I don't like to hype but I too had a chance in some sony show off with a motorstom demo, it was kinda blurry but it really made me feel jumping these hills, I think 3D with some refinement, will be great.

TotalPS3Fanboy4023d ago

The 3D is better than those 3D at the theater. It's all because shutter glass technology is better than those cheap glass at the movie theater, and is able to provide better, more realistic 3D.

ArcFatalix4024d ago

sony has showed more games pre E3 than MS did, they won they just have to go there and show some 2 or 3 n games that all.

Nothing can be as bad as microsoft ocnference

Arnon4024d ago

Agreed. Aside from the 3 games and the relaunch of the console, Microsoft's conference was pretty god awful. As long as Sony doesn't completely stick to Move, they'll win for sure against Microsoft.

Also, Dead Space 2 and Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood are confirmed for the Sony Conference.

fear884024d ago

1. Show the whole conference in 3d.
2. Show some mindblowing footage of Killzone 3.

And icing on the cake would be...
Announce New Syphon Filter.
Announce New Kojima Exclusive.

stonecold14024d ago

mass effects games heading towards the ps3 sony will have that in a bag

Scott6674024d ago

I doubt a 3D conference would work. It would be amazing for the few hundred people watching it in person, but for the thousands watching on the TV/internet all of Sony's games would look like complete rubbish (just try watching a 3D film without the glasses andyou'll know what I mean).

That said, Sony's conference should easily be better than Microsofts underwhelming performance. Can't wait for tomorrow.

fear884024d ago

Sony's conference will most likely not be in 3D at all but if there was a way for the conference to be presented to the live audience in 3D but overlay the video screens of the games broadcast to people watching at home in 2D at the same time I am sure they would definitely want that WOW factor.

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RatFuker4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

SONY: Ready........Aim.............. Fire!!!!!!

BOOM! HEADSHOT! ...damn boy you've done good...damn good.

house4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

here take it. and agree two hours will not be enough of what sony is going to do to e3

edit disagree i guess i hurt some ones feelings

skyblue142134023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

I actually think that it is a "phantom disagree r"(preferably an xbox one, from my guess), I have gotten it a few times recently for really no purpose than probably what you mentioned.

KILLERAPP4024d ago

The two hours press conference won’t be enough to fit what Sony has in store for us can’t wait…

JL4024d ago

I would say that's a big reason they've been showing off a lot of stuff heading into E3. And of course they wanted to pick up momentum, possibly because they knew MS was going on first, so they wanted to kinda of steal the thunder by book-ending MS's conference with their own stuff. Though I can see not really getting any new announcements tomorrow, which will kinda suck. If that's the case they should've saved one of the big games. Then again with them not saving them, makes me wonder what they do have up their sleeve. Can't wait.

jammers4024d ago

It could be amazing. But we'll see. Come on PSP2!

Godmars2904024d ago

Would love it if they just came in and blew the doors off along with the roof, but for some reason the industry doesn't seem to work that way.

JL4024d ago

I kinda agree. I don't see it being as big as people make it out to be. Of course imagine that, the community and media overhyping something before we even know lol. I just think people are expecting some earth-shattering news, but I don't see that happening. Though I think it will be a great conference, if only just showing off new videos of games we know about already (of course MS did that and they managed to bomb). Still I think Sony has something up their sleeve. They're usually good about conferences like this, and for them to show off all they have in these past couple of weeks, just seems like they wouldn't have done that without having an ace up their sleeve.

Godmars2904024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

You mean that hasn't happened with the 360 community and Natal? Every time there's a halo game?

JL4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

Don't take that as a shot at the PS3 community. That's just a shot at the industry/community as a whole. On both sides of the field. Very much I think anything Halo is overrated. We all saw how overrated and overhyped Natal/Kinect was and how it fell flat on its face. MS stuff is typically the most overhyped/overrated crap around. I'm just saying these fanatics get so batshit crazy that they start dreaming up the impossible of what could happen with things. DEFINITELY is NOT PS3 exclusive. It's just we get this idea of things that we'd like to see, and people get their expectations set on that without realizing it isn't a rational thought, no matter how much you'd like it to be.

For instance, I'd love to see UC3 announced, along with SOCOM4 gameplay, and GT5 release date set for this summer. Seeing a new Hitman exclusive to PS3. Seeing Agent turn out to be the greatest thing to hit consoles since GTA franchise (from Rockstar that is). Finding out that they're giving Move controllers away for free. Reveal of Valkyria Chronicles 2 being ported to PS3 as well as the reveal for VC3 coming. But see all that is just irrational. People get caught up in this stuff of what they want though and don't separate it from what is believable. We've seen it plenty times, people get all hyped about something, then it turns out to be not as big as they hoped, and somehow Sony gets blamed for that because they let their imagination go wild. While really Sony presented something good, just didn't meet the unrealistic expectations others had set out.

I fully expect the conference to be good and even expect at least one or two very nice surprises, just seems some people have unrealistic expectations.

By the way, I'm a PS3-only owner. Will never own a MS system and have owned nothing but Sony consoles since the playstation brand came along and won me over. So absolutely I'm not taking a jab at Sony and defending MS as it seems you may have thought I was doing.

Really can't wait to see what Sony has up their sleeve though. Sony, at the end of the day, is and always has been a very smart company. They've given away too much big information pre-E3 to not have something big come conference time. I'm just not going to get my hopes up as high as others.

Pretty much I was agreeing with everything you said. I'd love for them to blow the doors off, that would make my day, but we gotta keep our expectations realistic. That just doesn't happen. I fully expect a great conference but some people seem to be expecting too much.