Microsoft: Hardcore Gamer, Thanks But No Thanks

All the talk about Kinect, Microsoft and the Xbox 360 pre E3 was electric to say the least. Now, in the mist of the aftermath I cant help but feel like I've been sucker punched once again by Microsoft.

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PoSTedUP4144d ago (Edited 4144d ago )

MS is really in it for the money this time. its a shame appealing to the casuals took almost everything out of MS hardcore section. sony does both and it really shows how strong sony is when they can appeal to the casuals with MOVE can keep their hardcore games at bay with awesome new titles plus MOVE can be for the hardcore gamer aswell.

OneSneakyMofo4144d ago

I truly feel sorry for all of the hardcore gamers out there. I thought that Microsoft would at least bring something new to the table. Oh well, I can't wait for Zelda Wii and the PS3 conference.

RememberThe3574144d ago

It's going forward that concerns me. I got Crackdown, Halo, and Fable coming out htis year so I'm good. But I'm just not sure how much more of those games I will get in the future.

Conloles4144d ago

Who honestly thought this would bring hardcore games I've been saying this for ages this and Move are going to kill consoles for 2 years. We'll get one or two in house hardcore games and multiplats but the rest will all be casual crap cashing in on Ninty.

HyperBear4144d ago

Im really interested to see tomorrow and See if Sony follows suit and wastes 3/4 of their conference talking about MOVE, or split it up evenly and show hardcore gamers what they want and the casuals (Not like what M$ just did, was show 5 games for the hardcore and then waste the last hour+ on Kinect).

But to M$ credit, at least they didnt waste that time showing numbers and talking about consoles sold etc etc. which Im going to bet that Sony and Nintendo will both do tomorrow.
Plus, everyone was complaining about not seeing real-time natal (now Kinect) gameplay action, so now we've seen what they've been working on the past year. It was just hard to watch and sit through and nothing really appealed to me except for that videokinect stuff and the way you can interact with the menus, thats it.

The XBOT4144d ago (Edited 4144d ago )

Now I am praying that Sega comes back to console making as Sony is the only console maker catering for hardcore fans. I am not an Xbot lol, I use the name for fun. I am a mature gamer who owns a PC, 2 360s, a slim PS3 and a Wii but sold the Wii. I really couldnt not get myself to play the Wii. Nintendo has/had the best IPs in the world, but is still not next gen and is still focusing on casuals more than anything else. But that has always been their mindset this generation, Sony are a hardcores dream. They have more expreince in gaming and are worth the loyalty to a limit, fanboyism though is an extreme state that should not be reached as it stops minds form thinking objectivelty. MS today has distrubed me. I have been planning for this day for the last month. I even slept early to wake up at 3 am to watch this. As an overall presenation, the quality was average. But after it ended, it left a really bitter feeling. If you look at the video, if not for the free 360, people would have booed this disgusting presentation. I wish I was there to boo. I wish there was someone to represent the hardcore gamer there who would have shoved this new 360 up their behinds. If this is how they want to do it than I pray to bing back Sega. Jet grind/set Radio, Panzer Dragoon, Shinobi, Skies of Arcadia, Phantasy Start, Shenmue, Sonic, wonderboy, Alex Kid, and all the things that I miss in this generation. I am really upset :(

Millah4144d ago (Edited 4144d ago )

Did anyone ever think for a second that MS ever cared about gamers, hardcore or casual??? MS cares about one thing, money. They smell more money with Kinect because they saw Wiis success like a pack of wolves, so they're pursuing that money. Even if that sight is very near sighted, they don't care, they'll take the short term gain over the longer term money. MS is foolish like that. This is how MS acts in every single market they are a part of. Thats just part of their DNA. Always playing "me too" anywhere someones making a lot of money.

The thing that I find funny about Natal, is that everyone rags on Wii for saying that the infamous "waggle" just mimicks a button press most of the time. Well from everything I've seen from Natal, flailing around replaces the waggle, and falls victim to the same button press replacement. Like the Track and Field game, flailing around running in place seems to only mimic pushing "A" repeatedly, and isn't translating your actual movements to the game.

And to be honest with you, I'd much rather sit on the couch waggling with Move or Wii, than standing up jumping around getting tired in about 3 mins. I mean, it seems like you basically need to stand up to play Kinect right?

webeblazing4144d ago

lol i was saying that for the longest people dont care even if its in front of they face tho. i like MS theyre a business and they actions speak louder then words, and their word is saying "f#ck you pay me". every company is out to make money but atleast they invest mostly believe or care about. theres three main reasons i love MS

1 theyre best represent US (american dream is to be rich, make money by any means but that dont mean everybody.)
2 they know people like a book
3 theyre like pimps

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PyReX-4144d ago

I think you look pretty hardcore doing this..

TEHUser4144d ago

funny how the avatar moved first then the guy 'controlling' it.

PS360PCROCKS4144d ago

Oh jesus that guy's dancing...oh my...that was exceptionally bad.

nickjkl4143d ago

watch those and then watch this i did it by accident when i had that guy tab who posted this earlier in the thread and opened those 3 in succesion in fire fox

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Obama4144d ago

wow Kinect is so high tech that it uses jedi mind tricks to predict your movement. I am amazed.

EVILDEAD3604144d ago

Microsoft did EXACTLY what they were supposed to do..And the funny thing it's still going to work

LMAO @ Microsoft showing Halo Reach, Gears 3, Fable 3, Crytek's exclusive, Metal Gear Solid Rising & Call of Duty: Black Ops

Microsft has lived and breathed off of the hardcore since day one and the blind are pretending the hardcore got left behind

Not to mention the independent games and all the rest of the hottest multi-plats announced this E3 will be there too...

Don't like Kinect..don't buy it..they smartly followed the Wii and concentrated some of the show on the audience theyve been trying to attract for years..but this time they actually succeeded and at the end of the day when the numbers come in..mission complete

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xxLuckyStrike4144d ago (Edited 4144d ago )

i will be using my sons PS3...and build a library of games as my 360 will collect dust by not having any hardcore games to play...Shame... all that hype and nothing...They gave the bird to the hardcore today

SOAD4144d ago

Reach gameplay.

It's worth watching.

JANF4144d ago

@ Soad

HR, GEoW3, F3 were worth watching, but what about next year, what games they have for next year. None. MS just went casual, its time for all the hardcore gamers to jump out.

SOAD4144d ago

Mass Effect 3, Alan Wake 2, some racing game, some fighting game, some timed exclusive.

Microsoft doesn't have many first party studios. I keep this in mind and I don't get my hopes up. This is why I was not too disappointed with Microsoft's E3. I knew they wouldn't do that well. I was quaintly impressed with Reach and Gears 3 and those games will be enough for me since Sony will deliver the rest.

DigitalAnalog4143d ago

Reach did look spectacular. Now playing 1 & 2 for the PC. Hopefully I would be intuitive enough to get the new 360S here in Hong Kong to finish up the storyline.

-End statement

TheAwesomessMan4144d ago

You know I'm still buying a 360 for gears n halo for I still like that franchise but I will always have my ps3 for it will provide me with 20+ exclusives from different genres. Right here Sony is giving us hardcore gamers options. I like options. Microsoft is like the story about the kid who wanted more soup and the king or whatever says "No!" Other words we want more games and Microsoft in their presentation is saying "No!"

Redlogic4144d ago

basically sums up exactly how I feel. Wow, I couldn't agree more. I have been saying I'm tempted to sell my Xbox360 now that I've seen what the future holds for the brand. We'll see I guess, maybe they will throw in some surprises besides the usual (full disclosure: I was addicted to Gears 1).

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-EvoAnubis-4144d ago

Yeah, to the hardcore, that conference was kinda meh. However, there were a few hardcore games shown, even if they clearly weren't the focus. Give them time. Sony has been mixing hardcore with casual since the beginning, while MS is new at this. Let's see if they learn from their mistake. E3 this year is lost to them, but there's still Germany and TGS to look forward to.

gamingisnotacrime4144d ago

they want to make the type of money Nintendo is doing with PS2 era graphics, Wii controllers, and low cost game development. is all about the money, not about learning their ways for pleasing both crowds.

NY_State4144d ago

Yeah but by doing that they're giving you the big middle finger. You're no longer the focus. Not as important. Don't matter as much. That's fucked up man. Now that you've helped them get to this point they don't need you anymore. Hardcore gamers can get fucked basically.

gamingisnotacrime4144d ago

the PS brand has a strong fanbase and growing, Sony wants our money too but they take care of business and keep us pleased while spending our money on PS related items

Ilikegames764144d ago

analyze it carefully, Nintendo sold a lot of Wii because it was something new back then and it caters to the casuals. But if you look at their games line up, more than 80% are shovel ware. A lot of their third-party developers didn't make much money from the Wii. Only Nintendo's first party are selling a lot. Now MS is going after the casuals, what do you think will happened, since a lot of what was shown on the Kinect conference are Wii game clones. Casuals don't buy a lot of games, only hardcore gamers do.

Myst4144d ago

The only good 360 has for it is a back log of games. Lost Odyssey, Mass Effect if one hasn't picked those up. Honestly I'm looking more so at previous games than anything else thus far for my 360. Not to mention Microsoft pretty much slapped us all in the face with the new designed one, thus far I'm tempted to kick Microsoft back in the lower region.

Kinect isn't for me, Gears and Halo I don't follow so only Fable and ME3 has hopes for me, unless Mistwalker plans to come back with something of Lost Odyssey standards. Microsoft should stop looking at all the money that Nintendo is making and hoping to rake some of it in by mimicking. Though I bet they are raking in quite a bit with their Gold subscriptions so what do they have to complain about?

earbus4144d ago

Thanks for a great show ms loved it all.

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