E3: Driver: San Fransico Trailer

Ubisoft’s E3 conference is under way and from it we’ve got a trailer for the recently announced Driver reboot. The full title is Driver: San Fransisco and it looks great. This trailer also looks pretty cool. Ubisoft know how to do a good trailer.

Coffin875114d ago

Maybe they should just have let the series rest in peace..

RememberThe3575114d ago

(I'm never going to let that go)

bruddahmanmatt5114d ago

Like I said in another thread, the "shift" feature just seems so lame and too easy. And I hope that fool didn't give away the entire plot by announcing to the world that Tanner is in a coma. I just don't see what's wrong with going with a traditional damage meter which requires you to restart if it fills all the way up. Being able to leap from car to car just makes things too easy for today's lazy gamers.

On the plus side, I do like the setting. San Fransisco is the perfect city for a cops and robbers type driving/chase game. Not sure about the modern setting though. One of the things I loved about the original Driver and Driver 2 was the '70s vibe.

GIJeff5114d ago

i dont know what you guys are talking about, im thrilled to see this game in action. The OG driver was SICK! there was that survival mini game, with the super cop cars that would RUIN you. it was awesome....hey, theres a game i want on the ps store...

DarkSpawnClone5114d ago

i Really want to try this game i loved the original,some people are too nit picky,i thought the game looks FREAKING AWESEOME!!! cant wait to see more.i like that shifty thing thats cool! i would love to make some crashes with that! lol

Pandemic5114d ago

Agreed, even though this wasn't actual gameplay, the trailer itself just look awesome, can't wait for more details/screenshots/gameplay trailers.

GIJeff5114d ago

i REALLY hope there is the movie editor... i loved zooming it on my wheel when i made a too sharp of a turn and the hubcap flew off...

TotalPS3Fanboy5114d ago

Can't wait for movie editor mode again.

Sarcasm5114d ago

Jesus, how hard is it to spell San FranCISCO...?

SOAD5114d ago

If developers put as much effort into their game's visuals as they do in making these CGI trailer, I wouldn't feel so disappointed.

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Garethvk5d ago

Star Wars Outlawa has some real potential. I loved the Fallen Order games but the abundant timed jumps at times took me out of the narrative as they could be come frustrating. The branching options and status with factions looks great.

-Foxtrot5d ago

Prince of Persia 2026…REALLY? And that’s all they had for us…a candle.

Jesus. Imagine if they didn’t give it to a shitty support studio and tried to sell us a sloppy remake years ago

Now we have (no hate on quality here) two PoP games no one asked for. We could have been anticipating a Warrior Within remake by now.

Elda5d ago

LOL!! They should have even announced it. They should have just waited a year from now to announce it with some gameplay. Lame.

Terry_B5d ago

Sorry for everyone who watched this ;)

Elda5d ago

No surprises just updates on existing games & games that have already been announced. A lame show.