PS3, 360, Wii: Sales Charts For First Half Of 2007

The NPD Group has released its monthly console sales numbers for June. These are important not only because the console war is a guerrilla activity with month-by-month sales being an important way to gauge consumer interest, but because with June's numbers, we can now look at the first half of the year and see who is doing well in moving hardware and who is falling behind.

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MrSwede5421d ago

Isn´t this the second article on sales for first half 2007?

power of Green 5421d ago

I know its the second for the month of June.

Razzy5421d ago (Edited 5421d ago )

I thought the PSP sold 290,000 units last month? Anyways, I'm suprised to see the PS3 sold 98,000 consoles in June (up from May's 81,000) with all the price cut rumors floating around. I think I would have waited.

July numbers will be interesting.

PS360WII5421d ago

Yea this is another 2007 compilation but this is straight from NPD with nice graphs and everything. So if anything is a dup it would be the first one posted cuz this one is the real deal.

So I know in the other one someone said that every month Wii sales are going down. Well looks like that was all talk seeing that only in the month of May did it go down and then went straight back up to bigger sales in June.

Plus we finally have PS2 numbers as well. Looks like all the consoles are in good position it's just the DS that is this strange anomaly that just sells more than any other. Like it come from the Twilight Zone

djt235420d ago

i know its, in the month May wii numbers went down little bit but rise the next month

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