E310: Driver Info and Screenshot

Ripten reports on pieces of information released about upcoming series rehash "Driver1999" as well as provides a blurry screenshot.

Sandwich Bender5115d ago

This looks pretty rad. Is it time for me to finally get into this series?

Drjft5115d ago

It sure is. The original was great, and I did enjoy the sequel, but I felt from a quality standpoint they just went downhill and focused on introducing new features as opposed to working with that they had.

N4GAddict5115d ago

The first game was definitely the best.

Dee_915114d ago

Wow I just said it would be cool if they made a new Driver yesterday ..

It would b cool if could get gt5 release date tommorrow ?

EliteAssassin815114d ago

I must be one of the few who actually liked the entire driver series. The first one came out not too long after I got my drivers licence, and I loved just driving around running from cops. I liked the 3rd one mainly because you could make your own soundtrack and change camera angles while watching your replay. The 4th one was cool because you started off in the 70s and ended up in 2006. Not as good as gta is though imo

5114d ago
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Watch Lewis Hamilton fail the Driver tutorial mission

Watch Formula One star Lewis Hamilton play video games from his childhood and learn more about his gaming history.

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purple10164d ago (Edited 64d ago )

He did a track guide for Neurnberg 24 in GTsport.

We have had no more content since then, maybe a few time trail modes, I believe there was one from Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstapen as well, due to the red bull partnership.

Back to Lewis, He STILL wears the Gran Turismo logo on his caps, every weekend Formula One races take place.

I was expcting more from this sponsorship, oh well. This video, is kinda rubbing salt into the wound, for me

LG_Fox_Brazil63d ago

That Driver tutorial still haunts my dreams. That parking lot saw me fail a thousand times


EU PSN Retro Games Sale – More Titles Added

Posted on 11 September by Andy Stewart – Playstation Store Team -

Countries: AE, AU, GB, IE, NZ

Hello everybody. I hope you are all enjoying our current Retro Sale. Just a quick update – I have been listening to all your comments and have got some more deals for you! See below for the full list of additions.

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GribbleGrunger4295d ago (Edited 4295d ago )

Those PS1 games are starting to tempt me! They're only the price of the minis now.


Top 10 Driving Games

Driving games are one of the most addictive and popular types of computer games on the planet.
Almost every gamer has at least one no matter what console they are prefer; you can even get driving games for your phone these days!
Because they are so popular, there have been thousands of driving and racing style games produced. Some are serious, realistic affairs with real cars and real racetracks. Others are amazingly over-the-top sci-fi experiences, with space ships and hoverboards. You can even get family friendly, cartoonish versions that your grandmother could play.
Even though there are so many out there, there’s a lot of bad games that you shouldn’t waste your hard earned money on. We play quite a lot of driving games around here and in our opinion, these are the best ten ever produced.

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NJShadow4455d ago

Clicked on link expecting to be disappointed with list... ended up not being disappointed. ;)

TukkerIntensity4455d ago

Forza III/IV

This list is full of weak.

guitarded774455d ago (Edited 4455d ago )

Pretty good list... I'd swap Dirt 3 for N4S Shift 2 though. Also, MotorStorm needs to be represented.

CanadianTurtle4455d ago

This is a really good list, its quite varied. Good to see gamers have a sense of variety