United Front Games to reveal a new game

E4G: With Sony's press conference going on tomorrow, one lucky commenter on the PlayStation.Blog managed to get an answer.

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dkblackhawk504118d ago

Yep, seems like it. Will be interesting to see how this one goes.

-Alpha4118d ago (Edited 4118d ago )

This next game is apparently titled "True Crime"

That game title already exists and was a game similar to GTA last gen... is it the same one?

Edit: Yes, it is. It will be published by Activision and is the next game in the True Crime series. It's a multiplat, according to Wiki which sources Activision's website.

Previous True Crime games were from Activision and this will be no different. Not a PS3 exclusive, but a new game nonetheless.

despair4118d ago

there was a trailer for this released a week or 2 back...really looked underwhelming, then again the True crime games were never the best of the best(wonder if snoop dogg is in this one)

matrix2244118d ago

you have to admit though modnation racers was hella fun

mmoracerules4118d ago

indeed it was, some sick tracks were made.

matrix2244118d ago

wonder if it will be another user created thingy majigy

mmoracerules4118d ago

too much racing titles...we need a fps!

LtSkittles4118d ago

I thought True Crime was already announced?

doctorstrange4118d ago

And United Front is making it.
The more important question is, what is is doing at Sony's E3?

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The story is too old to be commented.