Unreal Tournament III Video Interview: PS3, PC Mods, Multiplayer & More

GameTactics got some new info from E3 2007 about Unreal Tournament III including a Playstation 3 version of the game and PC modding tools for the console version of the game.

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Dr Pepper4129d ago

I wish this game was coming out for 360 this year...I would have bought it over Halo 3! PS3 owners, enjoy this awesome looking game (damn delays and it's always for the games I'm really looking forward to!)

ShiftyLookingCow4129d ago

oh don't tell me you don't want another chance at killing those squeaky little grunts ... its the best selling point of Halo. Yeah I would have liked SC this year but you know maybe they will use that extra time to polish it, besides its not even a year since Ubisoft Shanghai gave us SCDA

Kleptic4129d ago

yeah...halo is great...but this will most likely be the best online fps this year imo...combine that with nearly infinite replay value because of all the mods that will available...and its the first time a console has all the ingredients that made this franchise so huge for the PC market...

NRG4129d ago

If the game turns out to be great, especially like the first one of the franchise, you will not even want mods.

Kleptic4129d ago

well mods possibly are right...I have owned every single game in the franchise (UT 2003...not 04, which was pretty much the same)...The original Unreal, that countered Quake II, could possibly be my favorite...just because of how blown away I was at the time with the graphics...nothing was even close to it back then...and although i really loved all of the UT games so far...I had dial up until I moved to it was worthless to try and play people online with a ping of 300...I would do it anyway...but it wasn't until I got my broadband connection that realized how fun multiplayer was again...

but free user created maps?...absolutely...and if this PC server stuff is correct...and that a PS3 could download the map from the server, instead of searching for it online...this will not be beaten...

that and skins and everything make it great...most new modern shooters have character customization options...but you pick through preset options for the most UT3 you will be able to completely design your dude from the ground up...

peksi4129d ago

..I consider this a beautiful tech demo. Please stop making these FPS bs games and start being original, use these wonderful engines to create real content.

DixieNormS4129d ago

What are you babling about. You mean MGS4 is original gameplay. LOL

ShiftyLookingCow4129d ago

@3, FPS will always rule and is here to stay as long as gaming exists, so go screw yourself

Yuprules4129d ago

peksi, I agree there are a few too many first person shooters. But this is Unreal Tournament III, one of the "Better franchises".

lil bush4129d ago

UTIII is gonna be real fun