According To Reggie, No Wii Fit In US In 2007

Chris Kohler of Wired's Game | Life had a chat with Reggie Fils-Aime about Wii Fit during E3, and two details came out of it – one of which was particularly noteworthy. As we all expect, the game will cost more than the traditional $50 price point for Wii titles. Research is still being done on the cost of the Wii Balance Board, so that will be what helps dictate the final price.

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Dr Pepper4101d ago

The country that needs it the most!

MACHone4101d ago

Not. I definitely don't see myself buying this one any time soon. I'm a gamer. What makes Nintendo think I wanna get off my ass? Bad enough I have to flail around....

Adamalicious4101d ago

Aww man. Now I can't do push-ups and yoga moves till 2008! :)

Kaneda4101d ago

nintendo needs to come out wii poop... I want to take a dump while playing game at the sametime... Everytime poop drop out of my @ss I get points...

Skynetone4101d ago

something that holds 25+ stone

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