SCE Australia boss gets dizzy spinning lack of aussie price cut.

Kotaku writes: "I like Michael Ephraim. The SCE Australia boss seems like a super-nice guy. But man can his mouth get him into trouble. The Age's Jason Hill managed to corner him and ask why, oh why in the name of baby Jesus is Australia getting stuck with an AUD$1000 PS3 bundle when the US 60GB model just got its price slashed. His long-winded responses contain few answers and much wind.

Well, let's work through that. The US is $499, right? And we're giving $280 worth of value which brings the unit down to around $700. Then take the exchange rate of 20 per cent, their $500 is now looking more like $625. And our offer, when you look at the value in it, is $700. Do you see my point?
No. We do not."

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