Believe: Ten Real Reasons Why MGS4 Is PS3 Only

Forget the rumors, the rumblings and the chatter. There is evidence why Metal Gear Solid 4 is a PS3 exclusive. Hard evidence. Hit the jump for the top ten reasons why you won't see MGS4 for the Xbox 360. For now at least.

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GoLeafsGo5413d ago

Lmao..#9 takes the cake.

Not the gaming cake, mind you =p

coolmatrix5411d ago

Where are ALL those Xbots who keeps saying that the 360 has better graphics.....

Gimmie a break....

PS3 OWNS!!!!!

zantetsuken5413d ago

I love that article, but it won't stop the rumors. Still, this nearly completely shuts it down. They should've added the interview with Moore when he said he wanted it but it didn't happen.

Regardless, I'll being linking to this article every rumor :)

PS-Wii-605412d ago (Edited 5412d ago )

HD pic!
hit the jump 0_o

Jdash245413d ago

man i want a slice of that cake, looks great.......oh and the game does too :P

MK_Red5413d ago

The gaming cake (3) and SIXAXIS (9) are the coolest ones but the mobile and movie (5 & 6) are the strongest reasons IMO. But even with them there is still place for doubt. Silent Hill was also a Konami games and Sony Pictures also has the movie rights of the series and is making Silent Hill 2 movie BUT, Silent Hill 5 went multi.
Nice find and list. I want to have:
1.One of those cakes.
2.One of those T-Shirts that Kojima is wearing with MGS4 on it.
3.MGS4, the game it self.