Kids smash video games case at Target with sledgehammer

In Milwaukee, two young thieves were caught on tape smashing the glass video games case in the electronics department at Target. Target surveillance cameras reportedly caught the two boys breaking into the store with a sledgehammer. Police think the boys are as young as 11-years-old.

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Lyberator4103d ago

lol I really hope they didn't steal a GTA game.

GoLeafsGo4103d ago

You, sir, are the king.

ShiftyLookingCow4103d ago

They probably stole Viva Pinata

Maddens Raiders4103d ago

cause then they'd be slapped on the wrist and set Scot free. Bad burglars, bad. =]

Shaka2K64103d ago

Typical xbug cant afford real games.

Dr Pepper4103d ago

That really isn't necessary.

socomnick4103d ago

I thought the Xbox 360 attach rate was much higher than the ps3 :/ I swear I saw data that Xbox 360 gamers buy much more games than ps3 owners.

xmod4103d ago

I love the idiotic comment in the article "Where are they getting a sledgehammer at 11-years-old?" (retarded) Target shopper Layshon Davis wondered.

Oh I don't know, maybe in Target's hardware department (or maybe this duo was daring and creative enough to venture to a nearby Lowes or Home depot).

Premonition4103d ago

What do you mean targets hardware department, when they broke into target with it, they didnt use the sledge hammer from inside the store. And you very well understand what she was trying to say, like who the heck would give kids a sledge hammer or even buy kids these things in the first place, and dont say it was for class or something. My guess is it was from their house and their whack parents who probably have an education of a middle school kid, didnt raise them to well.

xmod4103d ago

Oh sorry, I missed the part about them breaking in with the sledgehammer. My bad.

RussianSniper4103d ago

Is, how did no one happen to notice two 11 year olds with a sledghammer?

I really don't know if you can hide a sledgehammer in your shirt or something...

XENOCIDE4103d ago

"surveillance cameras reportedly caught the two boys breaking into the store with a sledgehammer."

The store was closed so no one was around to notice. If you meant folk who were driving by on the street n' maybe seen the boys walking, well if you look at the picture in the article it's easily concealable to onlookers. Looks like he coulda just held it at his side. Or maybe the other was old enough to drive. Who knows, they never give all the facts because they never have them all to begin with. Either way it goes, they should be locked up just for their sheer stupidity. 1 game...

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The story is too old to be commented.