New forza 2 cars tracks just around the bend

Hey, Che Chou, community manager at Turn 10 Studios, creators of Forza Motorsport 2. I have a question. When are Xbox 360 owners going to have the opportunity to pony up some Microsoft Points for new downloadable content? Three hundred cars and a baker's dozen tracks just isn't cutting it anymore. A general answer will be fine.

The general answer to that question has always been "yes," we definitely have DLC up our sleeves and will release a series of car packs and new tracks starting in August and running probably through a good chunk of fall. Forza Motorsport 2 is definitely here to stay. We're also going to continually keep an eye on community and its successes and problems, patching and tweaking where we need to and rewarding those who are especially helpful or give back to the community.
Oh, thanks, Che! I love these little conversations we have.

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God of Gaming5421d ago

Good news... I was just talking with a friend last night while in Forza about wanting new tracks...

Pathetic N4G Website5420d ago

Or you could've just read that very same paragraph, word for word, in it's original form 7 days ago in the weekly Turn10/Forza2 Pitpass Report :

Kotakwho ?