Exclusive Look At PS3 Home Beta

SPG managed to get an exclusive look at HOME beta and they're revealing a lot of information about it.

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Cadence5722d ago

man when this beta comes out i have to play cuz if i don't i'll be lost for ever, ps3 rocks even more.

Kyur4ThePain5722d ago

A) it's NOT a game. Get that into your fu(king head.
2nd) your grammar is terrible.

G4L5722d ago

it just keeps getting better

DTClown5722d ago

Is it just me, or does the lack of basic 4th grade English writing skills today annoy anyone else? Whomever wrote the above review needs go back to their grade school grammer books and re-read so you can formulate a paragraph that doesn't make the other literate individuals here sick. (If you need me to point out the above issues, you too should go back and READ your grammer books.)

Sorry to vent guys.

MrWegman5722d ago

I only ever played online with xbox live and I do not have a PS3 (yet), but this is the kind of thing that helps create strong competition because Microsoft will have to step it up in order to stay number one online... Every xbox 360 owners should be happy about this because it is good for gamers...

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The story is too old to be commented.