XBLR 48.5 Home of The Gamers Roundtable

Topics include…
E3 impressions: How did it compare?
No moore Peter: Is EA fortunate?
Tons of games discussed
Spin-off Topics include: Shoot there were so many I don't know where to begin. How about TwoWorlds, Army of Two, Bioshock, The Darkness, Gears on XP with no LIVE? Rock Band and more…
YAY or NAY: Moto GP 07, Bioshock, Madden 08, Strangelhold, Two Worlds, Tiger Woods, Blue Dragon, Medal of Honor, Stuntman and more…

Brief Show Wrap-Up with Steve519 and Silent Cypher…
PAX 07! Plane Tickets Paid!
Games for GI's:" The awaited update. And it's worth the wait.
Show 100 coming up soon. What's in store?
And-Now-For Outtakes and more…

LIVE on LIVE guests (regular gamers, just like you) are
II V0LD3M0RT II, GamerAndy, ROORhighness, INFECTEDPB503, and, Evolgenius.

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