Need for Speed Hot Pursuit: First facts "EA announce Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit at the E3 press conference. We have the first facts about cars, damage system, racing modes and more".

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N4GAddict3100d ago

I can't wait to try the game out.

CobraKai3100d ago

I was surprised to see damage on those cars. The Hot Pursuit game on the ps2 was always my favorite NFS.

Highatus3100d ago

Same here Cobra, easily my fav... So many hours spent playin that game. I'm glad they are bringing it back and the fact that it's criterion.

PoSTedUP3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

I liked HishStakes for the ps1. (am playing them both right now IIIhotpursuit n highstakes)
HotPursuit II for the ps2 was GREAT though, i loved the Opel Speedster in that game, such a great car.

this game will be EPIC and that is the only true word to discribe it. i think EA has been 'drinking and developing' when working on the last couple of installments of this franchise because they really stunk.

God_Of_Epicness3100d ago

I knew I heard about this one before. Just remembered the Hot Pursuit that was originally on PS2. I loved the game so much. Can't wait to try it again.

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Aikuchi3100d ago

I loved seeing the Buggatti Veron

poindat3100d ago

I've been praising Criterion for the past several hours, and damn, I can't just can't stop. It's not every day that a franchise is given new life solely out of love for the game, especially for something that was looking as hopeless as the NFS series was.

Exotic cars, exotic locations, intense racing action... Yep, sounds like a proper Need for Speed game alright, the kind that I've been waiting over 7 years to see once more.

PoSTedUP3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

yup i agree. the undergrounds were good to me and then nfs carbon was ok, but they really need to capture the feel of the ones for ps1 like highstakes and IIIhotpursuit and hop pursuitII for the ps2, thoes were the best imo with highstakes being my favorite. we should be seening classis cop chases and modes etc. just like the originals

morkendo3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

God_Of_Epicness I knew I heard about this one before. Just remembered the Hot Pursuit that was originally on PS2. I loved the game so much. Can't wait to try it again.

DUDE, the first original hotpursuit was on PS1 got the game in my hands right now. your talking about hotpursuit 2 on ps2 which i also have.

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cpuchess3100d ago

Sounds fantastic. Waiting until November will suck though...

N4GAddict3100d ago

Glad they returned to Hot Pursuit

FordGTGuy3100d ago

If NFS spent anymore time in the dark I was going to start growing fangs.

FordGTGuy3100d ago

This TDU2 and GT5 should keep me covered as far as racing games go for awhile. Hell I'm still working on beating Forza 3.

McMee3100d ago

Shift was just kind of neat for me, not a real nfs game. Hot Pursuit on the other hand got a hell yeah from me when it came on. Good time to bring it back.

Z7773100d ago

lol I loved this game on the ps1, NFS 3 Hot pesuit. I am guessing this is a revised version of the great classic?

NFS3HP had a very awesome soundtrack. I think the reason this NFS stood out to me the most is because it reminded me so much of the ps1 version... Wasnt there also a ps2 verion of hotpersuit?

PoSTedUP3100d ago

yeah hot pursuit 2 for ps2. was one of the better NfS games.

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