Microsoft Has Lost The Plot writes: "If you’ve been out of the loop of what’s going on, E3 commenced today and we’ve already had Microsoft’s E3 conference, it’s all over and done with and people are now coming to terms with what they have seen while eagerly anticipating the next E3 conference. I’ve looked around for opinions on the MS conference on a number of game forums and various gaming websites, and pretty much every one seems to have come to the same conclusions: “It was cringe worthy”."

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OperationFlashpoint24560d ago

My exact feelings expressed in word form...come on MS!

FangBlade4560d ago

Worst conference I have ever seen.

Gamerbee4560d ago

When it got to 'Mr Skiddles'. I puked & turned it off.

zireno4559d ago (Edited 4559d ago )

hahaha they lost me in exactly that part too, but I kept watching just for the sake of it. Anyway I think it was a very cheap move on their part giving away new xbox to the media, but whatever makes them look good right?

Mista T4559d ago (Edited 4559d ago )

I could feel the cheese running through my veins at that part

HolyOrangeCows4559d ago (Edited 4559d ago )

If they think they're going to get...
...The Halo/COD crowd that they built the 360 on to spend $150 on the camera...
...Soccer moms to spend $300 (cheapest bundle...see Gamestop) when the Wii is $100 less...
...Then they have lost it.

diatom4559d ago (Edited 4559d ago )

Two words and I was done.

Justin Bieber.

(Did anyone else think the new slim360 looked sort of like the black WII?)

boodybandit4559d ago (Edited 4559d ago )

I thought it looked like a 360 (slightly) shrunk in a dryer and painted shiny piano black. It would've been nice if it had a front loaded disc drive but no they stuck with the tray drive and now they have excluded their original user base by having a new proprietary hard drive.

Now if you have more than one 360 in your home you have to transfer your save files with a usb stick instead of just swapping your hard drive from one unit to another. Just another way to make money off people.

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Eamon4560d ago

The first half was decent.

The second half with Kinect was utterly crap.

tyrex4559d ago

half, it was only about 1/3 regular stuff and 2/3 kinect. i heard they have another conference hopefully they got all the kinect stuff out of the way.

UnwanteDreamz4559d ago

I thought the next conference was supposed to focus only on Kinect. You might be SOL buddy.

Microsoft Xbox 3604560d ago

I agree with the article. It was definitely cringe worthy. Especially the chatter between the players.

Christopher4560d ago (Edited 4560d ago )

I'm kind of laughing a bit here thinking back a few weeks to their shareholders meeting and how they actually wanted Microsoft to take a different approach with their entertainment division when it came to gaming. They wanted Microsoft to step back and just provide the hardware and platform with the various fees and let it be completely controlled otherwise by third parties.

Did the shareholders have the right idea of abandoning Kinect?

As far as the press conference, I made my feelings on it clear. As far as Microsoft's goal of getting something for all of their target audience members, which now includes casual gamers, they did cover all bases. It's just that it may be the wrong business decision for them. But, it was a solid presentation when looking at it from supporting their current business goals.

vhero4559d ago

They shouldn't have changed the hard drive in 360's not only does it confuse consumers for the future it alienates people from buying arcade consoles as replacements if they have the new slimmer model. Silly idea!

JeffGUNZ4559d ago (Edited 4559d ago )

I am extremely disappointed. Kinect, come on. I was hoping for some decent launch titles, now I don't have any interest in that thing, especially for $149. This tech will fail quickly. No surprise exclusives and nothing to look forward to except Gears 3, and if that doesn't have dedicated servers, this year is going to blow.

Congrats Sony, just as long as you don't shit your pants on stage, you won this E3!

kurochi4559d ago

you kinda lost all credibility when you started with "As an Xbox only owner".....

Do yourself a favor and get the other 2 consoles.

JeffGUNZ4559d ago

I have a family and a mortgage, along with many expenses where I don't have the luxury of purchasing all three.

You're attitude/comment just lost your creditability.

In a perfect world I would have all 3, but my family comes first.

mastiffchild4559d ago

Well, recently I've been more pro my PS3 than before(mainly a controller preference and multis being virtually identical nowadays)but I wopuld imagine Ninty stand to gain a LOT this E3, as well, and announcing an impressive new Zelda Wii could go some way t them wooing back some who feel left in the cold by the big N. Certainly, there were no fireworks here from MS but don't imagine that either Sony or Ninty will necessarily be a lot better. Sony already spunked some big games at us before E3 and if that was just to make room for Move they might well be re-thinking this after seeing the Kinect stuff go down so poorly with so many sites and gamers tonight.

On the other hand should there be a couple more big game reveals(maybe Starhawk, SF5, inFAMOUS2, U3, Jaffe's game, something from Incognito, London or Cambridge etc) at Sony's show, a GT5 release date worldwide and amazing gameplay from the likes of Agent and TLG then Sony COULD be onto a winner with that and the expected content and on the hardware side who'd be that surprised at a new PSP? What,though, do I expect? Move, and lots of it. If so we can but hope there's more titles for the serious gamer alongside the casual stuff that MS showed today.

Seriously, though, Nintendo could steal the limelight with 3DS,Zelda Wii and a few long desired announcements like a Starfox, Kid Icarus or F-Zero game in the works-as well as their usual billion DS JRPG stuff.

bjornbear4559d ago

"get all 3"


its reality.

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boodybandit4559d ago (Edited 4559d ago )

I'm a little frustrated but mostly disappointed with MS right now.

I kept waiting for the big announcements and amazing new IP's but all we got was the usual games and kinect, kinect, kinect and more kinect.

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CestusGOWIII4560d ago

ready for E3, just a flat conference IMO, and too much focus on "Kinect"

deadreckoning6664560d ago (Edited 4560d ago )

It's good to see Sessler and Perriera not hold back their feelings on Kinect =) It really wasn't good.

oldskoolgamer4559d ago (Edited 4559d ago )

agreed they usually love anything microsoft does at G4 but they really didnt seem to like NAT err.. kinect? too much which was really surprising morgan even said it doesnt do anyithing the WII doesnt

JosieKelly4560d ago (Edited 4560d ago )

I was looking for real surprises, and tbh MS didn't deliver, IMO it was as bad as Sony 2006, if not worse.

UP4560d ago

combine that with the natal introduction and we have a ...............

NYC_Gamer4560d ago

well thats what happens when u have no real first party support...

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