Call of Duty 4 Achievments

There are 37 achievements with a total of 1000 points for the 360.

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Effects Guardian5421d ago

No MP achievements ? :( Lame. Oh well. COD4 FTW.

PS360PCROCKS5421d ago

I'd rather their not be MP achievements. The multiplayer will always have it's draw for people who love COD, but by making them all single player it makes the single player last a little longer with more play through... "Down Boy Down
Survive a dog attack"

lol this one is good.

Lex_Yayo_4075421d ago

Did you know that you posted this article in the PS3 section and your talking about achievments for 360. Next time you make sure on what you click on before you enter the source.

Lyberator5421d ago

Did you know the game is for the Ps3 also. Some of the achievements relate to the story and gameplay. So don't tell me what to click on until you contribute something to this site.

SpaceCowgirl5421d ago

Generally I prefer when achievements are more single player focused. I don't mind multi player ones if they are fun and get me to try new things, but when the achievements are "get 100 wins" "get 10,000 kills" "play for 100 hours" "Reach level 50 in online mode"

Things like that really bug me, sure it allows people who are real die hard fans of the game to show that hey, we love this game, but at the same time, not all die hard fans want to sit through 1000+ multi player matches, with lag, annoying people and random issues when new games are coming out.

RussianSniper5421d ago

Why is this news first, isn't the most recent news supposed to be on top?

Wtf is going on, is someone biased or something?

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The story is too old to be commented.