The Scoop On Microsoft's 11 E3 Exclusive Titles So, Microsoft's E3 press conference just finished up and they gave us the details on eleven exclusive titles that will be coming out on the Xbox 360. Only four of them are core games though, as seven of the titles will be coming out to work with the newly renamed Microsoft Kinect.

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Hardedge3203d ago

That was a really lame presser, the entire thing was basically about Kinect and even then it didn't blow me away..

The Slash3203d ago

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved = WiiFit on the 360

mrv3213203d ago

Kinect Sports... do I really need to point out what game that directly rips off?

JDouglasGU3203d ago

aside from the Harmonix Kinect game, which may turn out well because of the studio, the rest looked pretty underwhelming

Hardedge3203d ago

Rising was alright, but it should be a lot faster if they're dubbing it Lightning Bolt Action.

Chris3993203d ago

but yeah, for a "lightning" fast cyborg he was moving rather sluggishly. Not sure how he was stopping bullets at that speed. Maybe he's so fast that it seems slow? Dunno...

Seemed more like a demented baton twirler.

The game-play/ destructible environments looked interesting though.

jammers3203d ago

Overly depressing. So far there's nothing that interests me at all.

mephman3203d ago

Still surprised about the lack of Crackdown 2.

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The story is too old to be commented.