New Xbox 360 Hurts Multi-HDD Owners and Faceplate Collectors

GFB: "The new Xbox 360 model is a big step forward and a great thing for Microsoft in terms of expanding their user base and finally getting the things we expect like wireless built into our consoles. There's only one tiny issue with the new model. Make that a couple issues with a tiny group of gamers."

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jay25154d ago

Oh dear MS, Over priced Eyetoys, Now the HDD's don't see to fit from your current modle, added to that the same pice, and a month delayed for Europe, do you think they'll sell out?

LOL Bad move guys, very bad move!

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bruddahmanmatt5154d ago

I buy games for my PS3, not faceplates. The good thing is that if I ever do buy another PS3 for whatever reason, my old PS3 games will still fit into the blu-ray slot of a slim.

Tron_Rocks5154d ago

yah you can play PS3 and PS1 games on the PS3 but SONY as usual went back on there word so you CAN'T PLAY PS2 games... WHY?!?!?!? Here is why they still sell PS2's so forget the PS3 owners..

SONY LAME!!!!!!!!!!

bruddahmanmatt5154d ago

Yeah except that I own a BC 80GB and I still have my original GT3 bundle fat PS2. Hell I still have my original PS1 and guess what, it still works.

Christopher5154d ago

Same thing when Sony went out with the latest PS3 model as well. Not much of a change here, it happens.

GunShotEddy5154d ago

I am bummed about the faceplates, because that was like the baseball cards for hardcore collectors this gen. The HDD thing should be resolved with cables I'm sure.

evrfighter5154d ago

I may be wrong but usually collectibles are worth more the more rare they become. When something is no longer in print its worth goes up.

Imo if there were a faceplate or two you wanted. Now would be the time to buy it. keep it sealed of course.

ElementX5154d ago (Edited 5154d ago )

Attn Faceplate collectors, your collections will now be worth more because they're going to be obsolete! They will no longer be made! So what if you can't get any new ones? Collect something else, like stamps or polished stones.

vgn245154d ago

who cares? who buys faceplates?

OSU_Gamer5154d ago

seriously....and I gotta love the flamebait article

Its really funny watching people take good news and somehow find a way to make something bad out of it.

Only on N4G I guess.

BeaArthur5154d ago

I have the G1 transformers face plates. So you are saying you have never bought any extra content for any of your consoles? I bet you have.

OSU_Gamer5154d ago

so you may have a face plate, but are you honestly mad because you can't use it anymore IF you choose to buy the new model?

BeaArthur5154d ago

I won't buy the new model. I already have one and it suits me just fine.

OldParr5154d ago

then keep the old one whats the big deal!!! i am getting this new 360!!! looks sick!!

mittwaffen5154d ago (Edited 5154d ago )

Seriously, Wi-fi? lol..Wifi is fail for gaming.
Small? Wi-fi? 250GB's that will never get used up?

The old units with HDMI are just as good...well if you own an elite ;)!

NitrousX5154d ago

don't forget they have added a new optical port on the back of the 360 slim now

Trroy5154d ago

The Wi-Fi isn't about gamers -- its about casuals, and the new 360 Kinect demographic.

It's also one less bullet point for the PS3 over the 360, which is a good move for MS, even if they are still lacking a few bullets.

mittwaffen5154d ago

Why buy a new console? If you needed optical you likely already have it.