The Best and Worst Games, Moments and More of E3 2007

A compelling list of 30 unique categories, including best conference, best trailer, and best personality of show.

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JIN KAZAMA4156d ago

a beautiful picture of the Santa Monica Pier. Lovely.

DiLeCtioN4156d ago

XBOX 360-Moore- ok we have sold 11.5 million,hey did i tell you we have sold 11.5 million consoles,we are the leaders of this gen. our competitors are still behind us(durr you launhed 2 years before them)

WII- Regie-look at our wii videos, wooopie everyone loves the wii also check out our user review. We also have a new game, Wii Fit.

PS3-Hey we have a new psp its 33% lighter with tv connectivity buy it. "no chewbaca you cant have one for free"