Warhawk - Japanese Battle Trailer

Join up for some fast action multi-player fun on the PS3.

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OC_MurphysLaw5422d ago

It pretty much amazes me how different our commercials here in the States are compared to those in Japan. I just had to laugh at that commercial. I mean the music was just horrid....felt like I was watching a trailer for a cheesy B movie....and that is being generous.

kilgore5422d ago

the music while the jeep fliped over, reminded me of the A-team

cityofgod5422d ago

i wonder if the japanese will embrace warhawk at all, this remains to be seen

aiphanes5422d ago

But we all know warhawk will be bad assed. I was in the beta and it rocked!

timmyp535422d ago

but it deserved some kick a** music

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