Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction - Explosive Action Gameplay Video

The action heats up with brand new weapons causing even more chaos in Ratchet's world.

Update: has released a second gameplay video. See the alternative sources below for the link.

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ratchet and clank is calling you. imagine a movie about these 2

TnS5418d ago

Well, this is almost a Pixar movie. :)

JoeD5418d ago

i can't freaking wait for this game

PS360PCROCKS5418d ago

this would be an amazingly cool movie if Pixar made it...

MK_Red5418d ago

The camera seems a bit problemic and far but it may suit the game on 1080p/720p glory. This game is stunning. I hope they add enough veriety and new ideas.

Shaka2K65418d ago

Are back and better then ever...
Look at all that action going on on screen only possible on PS3 hell yeah.