Gameloft Announce PSN Exclusive

Gameloft, developers behind countless mobile phone games as well as several PSN titles recently teased that they would be announcing a major PlayStation 3 related E3 announcement. And now the company has announced their next game for the PSN, exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

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Christopher5118d ago (Edited 5118d ago )

Actually, this is a ton better than what I expected (slew of Minis releases). This looks like a good Diablo game for the console with co-op capabilities. This could be good, really good. Time will tell. Even better is that they're upping the graphics for a full PSN release.

InfectedDK5118d ago (Edited 5118d ago )

It actually looks like a lot of fun!
Can't wait to see more about this one!

This is exactly the type of game I've been looking for to play online with my cousin! A bit like Diablo but new with some other stuff.

This may even be more funner than other great photo realistic games.

WhittO5118d ago

this looked great for a PSN game.

Arnon5118d ago (Edited 5118d ago )

Love dungeon crawlers. If anyone has the chance, go try out the iPhone version of the game. Also, if you haven't tried out Torchlight yet, I suggest picking it up on Steam.

Tomdc5118d ago

fun and generic aren't opposites. It is deffinetely generic but could still prove to be a lot of fun :)

ChozenWoan5118d ago

Gauntlet has come a long way.

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Brewski0075118d ago

This is exactly what i've been missing. It looks very like a baldurs gate game which if it is as good will be a huge success.
Im getting this anyways, for sure. Go gameloft :)

BYE5118d ago (Edited 5118d ago )

If you haven't played this on the iPhone, it's basically a Diablo inspired game like Torchlight, only much more fun.

Raf1k15118d ago (Edited 5118d ago )

More fun than Torchlight? Must be great then.

BYE5118d ago

It is really great and looks to better even better on PSN with gamepad controls and coop.

Baka-akaB5118d ago

i remember the same comment , and some mockery when Demon's souls was initially shown . And now it's so beloved , that some try to forget it's a jrpg .

SillySundae5118d ago

It is excellent for a downloadable.

I want something like this for the X360, for added diversity.
I'm slowly starting to get bored with shooters.

I liked diablo type games and MMO's as well.

But why PS3 only???

kanetheking5118d ago

funding the game.they do it if psn games stay psn only or something on that line/

beardpapa5118d ago (Edited 5118d ago )

Sweet! 4 player multiplayer with enhanced console graphics. Much better than the iphone/ipad version! Very excellent diablo-like game for those not familiar with it. Though ... having played the ipad version, I wonder if this is entirely the same, but the 4 player multiplayer is a very awesome addition.

logikil5118d ago

I actually thinks its a pretty cool announcement. I have the original for the iPhone and its pretty fun. Removing the touch interface for a traditional controller and PS3/PSN graphics will make it that much better. Then again I am a sucker for Diablo clones (here's looking at you Torchlight.) This one is probably a buy for me.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO5118d ago (Edited 5118d ago )

It is like Diablo, Titan Quest or Loki from PC on Consoles!

You never played those games? Play those games and you will know Dungeon Hunter looks amazing.

That game will be amazing.

raztad5118d ago

Generic? you could say the same about any dungeon crawler. Nothing more generic than the award winning Dragon Age:Origin.

Looks nice for a downloadable game. More RPGs the better.

vhero5118d ago

Looks so like gauntlet and with online capability it could sell really well.

emk20045118d ago

reminds me of champions of norath, so i could be fun and a little like diablo so im in, been waiting for a decent crawler till d3 come out.

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joinsideke5118d ago

This is my new Gauntlet Legends!! Im Stoked!

Kurisu5118d ago

I was just about to post saying that this game reminds me of Gauntlet: Legends! That game wasn't exactly for me...but my Mum loved it, so this will be one for her! She loves stuff like Baldurs Gate etc.

Christopher5118d ago (Edited 5118d ago )

Yeah, any Mom into Gauntlet: Legends is one for the books. I couldn't play with my wife because she always left me to die, and all I would hear is her giggling behind a pillow in her corner of the couch :p

Bellcross5118d ago (Edited 5118d ago )

Gauntlet Legends was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this also.

Look goods.

Delive5118d ago

They better not drop the ball on this one. It has just went up into my top 10 most anticipated games. I miss Champions of Norrath and Return to Arms. Finally, the void shall be filled. Hope it is better than Sacred 2.

BYE5118d ago

Dungeon Hunter on the iPhone was a great game. Looking forward to this one.

TheBand1t5118d ago

huh, not bad for a PSN game