Stranglehold's multiplayer revealed

In Stranglehold, you play an unstoppable hero - the kind of big screen icon who can walk alone into a room full of bad guys and not only defeat them all without suffering a scratch, but make the whole affair look ridiculously easy. But what happens when eight action heroes walk into a room?

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MK_Red5793d ago

Good find. But the devs must be crazy, all players going slow-mo together!? Hope they have a good mechanism for all the on-line action.

Dr Pepper5793d ago

I agree, I'm not sure what they're going to do to make it work.

PS360PCROCKS5793d ago

Just thinking that...hopefully the slow-mo can be put in nicely and it will be TONS of fun!

PS360PCROCKS5793d ago

what the hell how am I the only one with a disagree? lol

JPomper5793d ago

If any of you have played The Specialist for Half-Life back in the day, you'd realize how they could make slow-mo work online. I wish they would come out with a TS for Source.

I can't wait for this game.