Console Sales in Decline, or, Console Makers Holding Out for Strong Holiday?

In a recent article written at detailing console sales sinve January, an interesting graph appeared. The graph, showing the trend of weekly console sales, highlighted the average weekly sales changes throughout the past 6 months. Amazingly, almost all of the 'next-generation' consoles have been in decline, the Wii and Playstation 3 dropping more sales percent than the Xbox 360 during the period. Is this shift something to take notice of, is this just the typical summer shift, or are we seeing the console manufacturers holding out their stock for the Holiday 2007 season?

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pmx4106d ago

People is holding for Halo 3 and heavenly sword

ASSASSYN 36o4106d ago

You failed english didn't you?

djt234106d ago (Edited 4106d ago )

ASSASSYN 36o: that is just wrong

Maddens Raiders4106d ago

Nice. They should be holding out for grammar lessons. =]

SorenK4106d ago

I think PC MMOs may have taken a chunk of the console market. During the last generation of consoles, most MMOs were geared towards hardcore gamers, but with the introduction of some more recent ones (WoW/Guildwars), they have definitely expanded their sphere of influence. I know a number of people who are holding out because they still spend all their gaming time on those online games.

I know that WoW alone has a around 8 million subscribers. I realize that not all of those are console gamers, but I bet a good percentage of them are.

PS360PCROCKS4106d ago

This holiday season is going to be insane, their will be records set across the board easily...between HALO 3 and GTA IV your going to see like close to probably a billion in revenue. Than Mass effect, PGR 4, splinter cell, Heavenly Sword, Ratchet and Clank, Blue Dragon, Lair, Bioshock,'s insane the amount of games, and not just the amount, the amount of QUALITY games coming out.

G_CodeMonkey4106d ago

If they implement it on Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving), that'll be a huge move. Plenty of moms out there looking for a new game system (of which they won't bother to check game ratings), and whomever can make it to the Wii's pricepoint will kill. Moms don't really care about Blue-Ray if its hundreds of dollars more. And if they bundle in Halo and a Live title mom likes (like solitaire), it'll be a great holiday season for M$. Sony could do the same, but after their recent pricing moves, M$ should take advantage to move. This holiday season could throw either one of them ahead considerably (or at least come very close to surpassing M$ in Sony's case). gCM

whotard4106d ago

this is kinda lame news

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