GoFanboy: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 Review

Jesse Sanchez: The big question in all of this is whether or not EA Sports’ Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 is worth it. The simple answer is obviously no. Unless the idea of the twelve on twelve Ryder Cup has you wetting yourself, there is no legitimate reason to pick up this rehashed disc of “been there, done that”. Keep playing last year’s copy of PGA Tour 10 and you’ll have just as much fun and still have the money to go buy a better game that a company spent more time polishing and innovating on. If you don’t have a copy of PGA Tour 10, go pick up a used copy for forty bucks less than this rehashed release from EA. You won’t even need to pay for an Online Pass."

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GunShotEddy5143d ago

lol! no online pass,,, suck it EA!

vgn245143d ago

I really expected more people to speak out about the lack of innovation in the game and the whole Online Pass thing. It's like people just accepted it?


50% off Tiger Woods 2011 and 2 Lightning Deals in Amazon's Video Game Deals of the Day

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Tiger Woods 12 Balance Board Swing Comparison

David Kenson writes "Tiger Woods 12 manages to squeeze out a few more improvements on Tiger Woods 11's already full rostrum of options. Like last year, MotionPlus allows the game to capture a one-to-one backwards and forwards stroke, but now it adds the Balance board into the swing equation for the first time."

He provides a comparison of the different version of Tiger on the Wii, which highlights the up-and-down nature of the EA franchise.

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holdmykidney4863d ago

That's a very thorough look at the last five titles in the series as compared to the latest. I have to say that I'm occasionally addicted to golf games, although I prefer them on the arcade-y side (I loved Sensi Golf on the Amiga!). If I take the plunge again this will be really helpful!

paulgovan4863d ago

There was a Seni-golf?!! Why did no one tell me about this!

holdmykidney4863d ago

Sensible Golf on the Amiga sold very badly and was considered a commercial failure, I believe; but, I thought it was an excellent title.

GaryMcC4863d ago

Not 100% sure about using the balance board. I suppose it isn't as vigorous as Raving Rabbids but the board isn't as stable as a golf course. Interesting use of the board though.

btk4862d ago

Noe this seems interesting...

DoFuss4859d ago

Good grief... well I guess if I played golf this could be an amazing teaching tool. As I don't Ill have to play it with features all turned off if I want any hope of success. Still good for EA to at least be trying to make use of the Wii peripherals and iterating on a franchise on a console where most developers just pump out lazy ports.


GameNTrain’s Top Three Games for The Older Generations

We all know that people are gaming later and later into their lives. I have recently come across a group of seniors who love to play Xbox 360. I took this opportunity to talk to them about their gaming experiences. This opportunity inspired me to make this list of the top 3 games suitable for… how shall I put this… more veteran gamers.

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