IGN: Metal Gear Solid Online Impressions

Metal Gear Online saw its big unveiling today as part of Konami's heavily hyped Metal Gear 20th Anniversary Party in Tokyo. IGN was on-hand at the event to witness a game of hide-and-seek and cyber crime between 12 Kojima Productions employees.

Rather than playing for themselves, Hideo Kojima and MGO producer Yoshikazu Matsuhana called two Kojima Production employees out on stage to do the dirty work. Each employee was the leader of their own team, labeled red and blue. The other players were back at the Konami office, which just so happens to be in the same downtown building complex as the party. Today's demonstration consisted of two teams of six, but the final version will allow for a total of 16 players.

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MrSwede5418d ago

They sounded pretty positive about the online part to say the least! I can´t wait! Man it´s not cool to be this hyped so early...

masterg5418d ago

Ahh man we need some video of this.
I'm not the biggest MSG fan but this games is really looking damn good.

THC CELL5418d ago

mgs is getting better and better

novaIS3505418d ago

that image of the soldiers oogling at the same porn mag is funny..they have little heart icons. laff

omansteveo5418d ago

MGO sucked on Metal Gear Susistence it was horrible hold down the button to run, hold the trigger and let auto-aim take care of the rest it sucked hope this is better

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