Library Hosts Halo 2 Tounament, Community Reacts

A Chicago area library's planned Halo 2 competition has turned into controversy.

As reported by the Daily Herald, the tournament is scheduled to take place on Sunday at the Mount Prospect Public Library. While the library is requiring parental permission slips before admitting underage players to the event, the game's M-rating is not spelled out. Some worry that parents may not realize that their kids will be playing a violent shooting game.

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binard3285411d ago

The people that don't know. Ignorance is bliss. You can never blame yourself.

BaMYouRDeaD5411d ago

Mr. Walsh needs to be informed about what kind of "M" rated game they're playing before he goes about saying stuff like that. Just because it's M doesn't mean it has to have sex, drugs, extreme violence, language, etc.

Halo 2 is rated M for violence + blood and gore. It does say language on the back, but that is only for the single player campaign. Plus, anyone who's played Halo 2 single player knows that the "language" they use really isn't anything kids don't hear on TV.


I mean really, be reasonable.

machine_B5411d ago

In that case, shouldn't parents be notified that the library may contain adult books? I mean, some parents might be unaware, right???

Daxx5411d ago

I'm still amazed that Halo is rated M because it's not that violent and not that profane, damn and hell are hardly swear words now n days.

Heck, my 10 year old nephew plays Halo and his parents are fine with it.

But I guess it's just different strokes for different folks.

Norad65411d ago

whatever. I'm still going. At least there won't be that many little kids now! :)

Daxx5411d ago

Very true, I guess there is a positive outlook on this whole ordeal, lol. :D

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