Blu-Ray: Full List Of Statistics

Here is a list of about all the Blu-ray statistics available.

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Ent climber4924d ago

Im not sure what someone would do with this information. The only useful bit of information for the home viewer would be the rating i guess. Other than that it doesnt seem to have any real value.

Kratosnake4924d ago

great! this makes it so much easier to find out about studio support, ratings, prices and release dates.

nicely done.

MrSwede4924d ago

What? That many titles? I guess we in Europe have to wait for everything... It´s pretty hard to convince my girlfriend how great Blu-ray is with the amount of titles we have here in Sweden.

Kratosnake4924d ago

that sucks man... but i'm sure its going to be over soon. It will take a bit longer for the market to pick up in Europe, but it'll happen.

GrizAdams4924d ago (Edited 4924d ago )

I'd suggest going format neutral. HD-DVD is region free, so you can import the titles that are being released outside of Europe.


Siesser - there's a few vendors that are shipping 300 early, and people were getting their copies earlier last week.

xbox360migs4924d ago (Edited 4924d ago )

I live in the UK and get my HD DVD's from DVD world USA, Just got the 300 yesterday and the movie quality and interactive features are brilliant and it's not even out for relaese in the UK on DVD until the 1st of october 2007. They are cheap too because of the current exchange rate!

Siesser4924d ago

It (300) isn't supposed to be out until the 31st in the States.

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MK_Red4924d ago

Kool find. There seem to be much more Fox movies that Sony's own.

Kratosnake4924d ago

there are nearly 50 sony movies... there are just under 30 fox releases.

are u looking at another company in affiliation?

VirusE4924d ago

Why the hell has FF advent children not come out on blu-ray?

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The story is too old to be commented.