Razor Digital Exclusively Blu-ray

Razor Digital has announced that they will be supporting Blu-ray exclusively, and will release four IMAX titles for Blu-ray on November 13th. Those titles include 'Africa: The Serengeti', 'Alaska: Spirit of the Wild', 'Australia: Land Beyond Time' and 'Antarctica: An Adventure of a Different Nature'. More titles are promised if these sell well.

No specs have been announced at this time. Mitch Perliss, Razor Digital EVP stated that his company picked Blu-ray because of the household penetration of Blu-ray by way of the PlayStation 3.

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Lord Anubis5421d ago

yay, I'll be the first to buy all their titles. My parents are into those kind of things. I have planet earth on Blu-ray and I'm looking forward to adding the new documentaries.