Kinect: Impressive E3 Event Video

Videogameszone published an impressive Kinect video from E3 2010.

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NastyLeftHook3822d ago

i want the time i spent watching this back, impressive my ass.

GreenRingOfLife3822d ago

this is no surprise though

Microsoft always impresses

Kinect is such an awesome name, for such an awesome piece of hardware

gta28003822d ago

Green Ring is starting to fail at annoying people. His shit is so predictable and so sarcastic. He shouldn't even bother anymore.

Michael-Jackson3822d ago

It's a trap, he wants you to reply to him. That's why he keeps it up!

mrv3213822d ago

Ding ding ding we have a winner, I don't know who but I know evolution is the looser... so their must be a winner.

Spezzational3822d ago

Man I wish you could take away this guys last bubble.

WhittO3822d ago

lol makes me laugh how many people take the bait from GreenRing over and over again!

Keltik823822d ago

Please take your hands and grab your shoulders and tug as hard as you can so your head comes out of MS's ass. Good god kid.

Ult iMate3822d ago

And we have one customer for Kinect so far! Yey for GreenRingOfLife.
=/ .

BannedForNineYears3822d ago

Rofl GROL.
You're probably the best troll on N4G. xD

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Dragun6193822d ago

Way to many distractions, I mean, Three Screens on each side? One Screen rotating? Dancers and Drums? Do they not want to show off they're Kinetic games they have for more than you know like a minute? I was interested in the star wars game but that preview only last like 15 seconds.

Now I understand why many journalists (IGN, Gameinformer, Destructoid,etc) hated this event.

Ace Killa 083822d ago

well in every reveal its usually a 2 minute showing look at the debut trailer of any game and youll see. then again it was just the announcement tomorrow and later on are time for showing off. but if u want it all at once then you should be pissed like the websites u named

OneSneakyMofo3822d ago

WOW! LOL. When the Star Wars game popped up, I choked on my water from laughter and then the cheesy jump to finish the vid. LOL.

gta28003822d ago

lol that shit looked choreographed. Almost as if they were playing a video and the people were pretending to be controlling the game.

crazydrummerlad13822d ago


haha thats EXACTLY the case.

the avatars move before the players as if the games controllin the

AT LEAST sell it better!!!

Ult iMate3822d ago

@ crazydrummerlad
You don't understand. It's the future of gaming: players controlled by their avatars. ))) .

Redempteur3822d ago

during the water spin thing ... the girl on the right wasn't in sync at all with the video ..

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beardpapa3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

interesting. In that video at 1:40-1:41, you can see the footage isn't 'live' and possibly with actors. The left avatar on the raft jumped before the kid with the blue shirt jumped.

gta28003822d ago

Or perhaps it could have been lag :P

Cartesian3D3822d ago

I saw many devices in gaming that had lag.. but never seen a device that has LEAD!!

PLAYstar3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

LMFAO! WATCH CAREFULLY and you can tell it was so obviously that everything's scripted! None of this demonstration is real.. M$ a bunch of fake actors, and really bad acting ones too. AHAHAHA! C'mon Aaron Greenturd, let see how you pathetically spin this!

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adamx3822d ago

wow that video was horrible, I saw lots of distractions and lag. Why dont they just show it straight up with out all this b.s around it. So we can see what it can and cant do.

Godmars2903822d ago

Don't think it was lag, especially when the guy jumps between the two kids so he can pantomime the lightsaber game.

That part was staged, but considering it was all part of the opening performance in general, looks like it anyway, there was really no choice.

Fozzy253822d ago

If you pause the video on 56 seconds, you can clearly see the guy's arm is alot higher than the avatar's is, so there is definitely some lag there.

Godmars2903822d ago

What I'm gathering from all this is what they taped tonight and will show on MTV is an attempt to wow the general Wii-type consumer while gamers get the facts the day before come Monday.

Yeah, MS likely wasted the time of the gaming media that attended it, used them as props, but people here need to stop being critical of it.

Christopher3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

Godmars is correct. It wasn't lag, it was actors lining up with pre-recorded footage. Everyone who was performing as if playing a video game had done extensive work to 'perform' towards the actions in the game. You can tell by the guy who jumps in to play the Star Wars game, his posture is already one just like the character on screen before it even shows up.

Now, that doesn't mean there isn't lag. Just means you can't judge the lag based on performers who are matching their movements with pre-recorded footage.

EVILDEAD3603822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

It's was a performance piece..why would you have actors when it's just a performance would be a million times more fatal if something failed during the live show..

Simple..put up a film..and let the actors do their thing..every article claimimg lag from the critics just FAILED..especially because it's obvious what they were trying to achieve..

We get it..a cheesy show that had journalists standing for over an hour in glow-in-the dark raincoats..and they barely showed the games

It's clearly about the final product that shows up on MTV and not the behind the scenes antics


Xwow20083822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

just look at the starwars game the guy is not controlling the character(its just a video)....MS thinks gamers are idiot.

Ch1d0r13822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

Looks like the screen was controlling the performer instead of it being the other way around. I hope the buu birds show up during MS event.

Obama3822d ago

Their target audience are soccer mom and grandma, so in a sense they may succeed in deceiving these people although I have to wonder how many of those people actually watched the event?

SOAD3822d ago

It's going to be shown on MTV. Do you know what kind of people watch MTV? The same people who love Justin Beiber, that's who. So, I think if the music industry can make people like that 14 year old girl who has no talent whatsoever, Microsoft can sell Kinect to the soccer moms.

Ch1d0r13822d ago

I just saw the video again, paused it a few times and Yes the screen it moving ahead of the performers. Luke moves his hand before the performer, and on the wild rapids game the children on screen are jumping before the performers also. What a joke. I hope PS3 doesn't pull the same shit.

Fozzy253822d ago

Yeah, watching that video in slow motion again, you can see that the character on screen has the lightsaber already out and holding it by his side, while the guy hasnt even put his hand in his back pocket yet. You can see this at 2:06.

krisq3822d ago

for Sony to messed up. Move is 100% reliable and ready.
MS showing was an impressive and expensive joke :(

CrippleH3822d ago

Move seems to respond quickly with 22ms. Natal was rumored to have lag for months now. I can see why the performance was staged.

madpuppy3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

people keep going out and buying replacement 360's even to the point of having an extra in the closet for when the one they are using breaks so they don't have to wait for it to come back from Texas to play. Microsoft is laughing at (and banking on) the stupidity of it's customers.

Ult iMate3822d ago

MS just try to reach the limit of stupidity of their customers. But I think their customers have no such limits.

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Aphe3822d ago

That looked really shit.

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